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Welcome to our library of Garner Ted Armstrong sermons, radio and t-v programs etc. Garner Ted was born on the 9th of February 1930 in Portland Oregon. He tells us in his tape called "Your Temporary Tabernacle" that he was born suffering from Yellow Jaundice. ("Dallas Campaign" 11-May-91) He was mute until 2 years of age due to a fall. ('bio p397, 449). He lived at Fourth St and 1608 West 6th St, Eugene spending time on his grandma's farm while growing up (7-Dec-91, 30-Mar-96 & 18-Feb-99) He says in his tape called "Do the Work" (18-Jan-86) that he was helping out with "The Work" when he was nine years old and earnt five cents an hour/day by helping his mother address envelopes. ("Friends in High Places" 26-Aug-95 and tape 4-Sep-99) He spent three years at Lincoln High School in Eugene which had an "Ambassadors Club". In "Keep on Proving" (Feb-85) "What is Our Identity" (Feb-87) "Dedication Ceremony" (May-91) and "See Your Calling" (Jne-94) he says that he was 16 years old and living in 13th Street in Eugene when he suggested using the name "Ambassador" and its colours of purple and white for Ambassador College. Also during 1946 he toured the US for three months visiting forty states. ("Conference" 15-Aug-98 and "Love the Lord" 5-Jly-03) and first flew a plane. ("Building Character" Jly-89) In 1947 his family left Oregon and shortly moved into 345 South Hill St Pasadena. "Ambassador College" opened that Summer on the 8th of October. (FOT, 5-Oct-1998) GTA joined the navy on the 17th of May in 1948 He said he joined out of vanity because he wanted to wear a navy uniform. ("Vanity", 18-Apr-92) He spent three years in San Diego and dated Shirley Hammer in 1951. (tv 9-Mar-02) In the Spring of 1951 his ship, the aircraft carrier USS Antietam sailed via Pearl Harbour for North Korea where he served for nine months with the Seventh Fleet. ("Who Do You Fear", 21-Sep-85, "See Your Calling", 25-Jn-94 and "The Battle is Not Yours", 23-Sep-2000) He returned home in April 1952 ("What will you Be Like" and "Report to General H/Q") He left the navy on the 5th of May in 1952 and tried to "- break into Hollywood", ("Three Days and Three Nights", 21-Apr-1984) he said "my lifes desire was to become a singer or something" ("Why Saturday-", 2-Oct-96) He said that no one would get him into the ministry. ("Fruits of the Work", 17-Feb-90) In about July 1952 he was hired by Vern Mattson and began working in the mailing department of Ambassador College in Pasadena ("Do the Work", 18-Jan-86 and "Who is Doing the Work" FOT-Sep-91) and worked in the print shop. He was made manager of the General office. On the 8th of March 1953 he married Shirley and they were both baptized. ("FOT 2000 PCB" and "Last Day U/B", 7-Apr-99, "To the Churches", Mar-02) and had, "hands laid on" by his father, ("Report to General H/Q, 17-July-99). In "Knoxville TN" (1-Apr-2000) he said he began in "the work" in 1953. He entered Ambassador College that Autumn and did voice training under the direction of a Jewish instructor called Leon Ettinger, he learnt Spanish, ("Christs Second Ministry", 10-Sep-94) and studied Child Psychology. (tv 7-Apr-01) He was made "President of the Student Body" and began giving sermons during 1954. According to "The Journal" (Sept-2011, p5) he was ordained as a pastor on  22-Jan-55. He says he was ordained as a minister in July 1955, ("For the Searchers" 11-Mar-95) so began his ministry in the Radio Church of God (RCG) Also in July 1955 he was introduced on television as a guest during a series of 26 or 27 "World Tomorrow" programs being made in Hollywood on 16mm film and spoke about juvenile delinquency and the burning to death of a homeless man here in Sydney called Henry Hill who was set on fire in a bus by some youths using lighter fluid. These programs were broadcast on the ABC network that year. ["Fortieth Anniversary of the World Tomorrow" (1974), "Fruits of the Work" (1990), "Lake Palestine" (1991), "Cause of Crime" (May-92) "Motives of a Minister" (1994), "Is Capital Punishment Christian" (July-95), "Who is Doing the Work", "End Time Work" (1998) and on TV (1-May-99)] He says that it was after this first television appearance in July that he did his first radio broadcast in November 1955. His father went off television in January 1956. The first radio broadcast in Australia of "The World Tomorrow" went to air on the 14th of April 1956. In his fathers Autobiography it says it began in November 1956 while according to the "Good News" magazine it began in May,1957. (GN-Feb-1967) GTA graduated from Ambassador College with a BA in June 1956 and visited Europe with his brother Richard, ("Conference Sermon", 8-Jan-2000) He also visited Italy where both his wife, who was eight months pregnant and his mother were refused admittance to the Catholic cathedral "Duomo il Milano", because they were wearing short sleeves as he mentions in his tape, "The Oppression of Women" (19-Nov-83), "What is the Pharisee" (21-Dec-91) and "Holy Times, Holy Places" (25-Apr-98). In "Hatred vs Tolerance" (13-April-1991) GTA says this occurred at the "Dome of Florence". In his 1986 "Do the Work" tape he says that in 1957 he was made Executive Vice President of both Ambassador College and the Church. He was also made the Executive Editor of the "Plain Truth" magazine, "What is Our Niche" (2-Aug-03) and was ordained an Evangelist. (TCW) He tells us that his father who was uncomfortable with television, returned to radio until late in 1957 then quit broadcasting leaving GTA as the voice of "The World Tomorrow". ("pre Trumpets", 21-Sep-98) In 1958 Garner Ted's older brother, Richard died after a car crash while on a baptizing tour with Don Billingsly. ("The Battle is Not Yours", 23-Sep-00, "Love and Hate", 1-Mar-86 and on p35 of "History of the CGI") GTA says he began broadcasting full time in 1958 which was also when Art Gilmore with his inimitable voice began doing the iconic "World Tomorrow" intro and outro voice-overs. GTA began daily radio broadcasts in 1959 and Garner Ted tells us that his father made no more than a small handful of radio programs for the next twenty years. His father would do an "anniversary program" from the studios on the campus at Bricket Wood in England, to mark a special year for broadcasting over Radio Luxembourg, but that was all. "For over two decades, out of love and respect toward my father, and to keep his voice and name before our radio audiences, I would put repeats of a series of programs he did in the early 1950's on the book of Hebrews on the air on Sundays, only. The other six days of the week, year after year after year, I did the broadcasts." (GTA web commentary) In June 1959 GTA and his father visited Rome. "Satan's Fate" (11-Oct-97) they then went to England and found a site there for Ambassador College. ("Atonement" 11-Oct-97) In "Three Days and Three Nights" (21-Apr-84) and "The Pioneers" (15-May-99) Around this time his bedroom was burnt down and he lost his navy uniforms, but his "Dog Tags" survived.

On the 12th of November 1959 GTA flew into Sydney with Frank Longuskie and Gerald Waterhouse who were Ambassador College graduates to open an office in Australia. GTA obtained PO Box 345 North Sydney. On the 24th of December the new RCG office was opened in the MLC building at 105 Miller St North Sydney. Gerald Waterhouse remained in Sydney as the first Australian Regional Director. On the 30th of January 1960 the first church meeting was held at 30 Martin Place in Sydney. Other staff were soon added including Charles Heffner, Jesse Emmett and Tony Hammer. Later in 1960 radio 2CH in Sydney, which was run by the Council of Chuches, "kicked" GTA off their station so GTA returned to Australia in August 1960 to arrange to have the programme broadcast on radio station 2KY. The 1960 Feast of Tabernacles was held in the Builders Institute Hall at 118 Alfred St Milsons Point and from 1961 to 1963 it was held in the Blackheath Community Centre in the Blue Mountains. Around this time Gerald Waterhouse was replaced by Wayne Cole who had grown up with Garner Ted. The first minister to be ordained here in Australia was a Jew from New Zealand called Don Abraham. In August 1961, 28 attended the first RCG bible study held in Brisbane. In January 1964 the weekly church services in Sydney were moved to Petersham Town Hall. Later in 1964 a Tabernacle was built on the site of the Osborne Ladies College in Thirroul Ave Blackheath after it was burnt down in a bushfire on 23-Oct-1963 and the Australian Feast of Tabernacles was held there. In 1969 another Feast site was opened in Perth. The Blackheath Tabernacle was enlarged in 1970. In 1974 there were new feast sites in Adelaide, Hobart, Mackay and Miami. The Blackheath site closed in 1978. Photo:(by Frank Clark) The 1960 Feast of Tabernacles at North Sydney.

1960 FOT NS

By the mid 1960's "The World Tomorrow" was on 33 stations in Australia, 11 stations in the Philippines and reached South Africa over Radio Laurenco Marques in Mozambique. The program was beamed into Europe over Radio Luxembourg and Radio Europe Number 1 and into Britain over Radio Manx and the "pirate" ships, Radio Caroline in the Irish Sea and Radio London in the English channel. GTA taught first and second year classes on bible prophecy ("Beatitudes, 5-Sept-98) but he tells us in his sermons called "Report on Berlin" (25-Nov-89) and "Don't Trust Dates" (6-Jan-01) that he began to have doubts about some of the churches beliefs in 1965 when he saw the failure of predictions about seven year punishments and Petra. After some training with John Hull, a flying trainer and church member, GTA made his first solo flight in a Cessna 182 on the 21st of April 1965. ("Takeoff", p387)
In March 1966 GTA did his first of many outside broadcasts at Cape Kennedy with his voice shaking at the launch of the huge rockets preparing to send men to the moon. (PT, April 1966, tv, 10-July-99 and the tape "Is God's Power Limited", 12-Dec-98) This was followed by a program made while flying in a jet. In April 1966 more "On-the-Spot" broadcasts got underway. The first was at the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt then the Nile Hilton Hotel in Cairo and at the Suez Canal. On the coast of Tyre he spoke about fulfilled prophecy. He made a program at the airport in Amman and also got sick while he was there (1st Day FOT 14-Oct-2000) He made a program in the Intercontinental Hotel on the Mount of Olives and on Friday the 29th of April he went by road and horse through the Siq to Petra and was recording there when two army helicopters flew overhead.('Place of Safety', p8) Back in Jordanian Jerusalem he did a program on the Temple Mount, at Golgotha and from inside the Garden Tomb. (Cincinnati" tape) and visited the "Wailing Wall". (Report, 28-Nov-81) He did a program at Tell Megiddo and another while overlooking the Sea of Galilee. He began a program at Capernaum but it was interupted by local gunfire. He resumed it later in a hotel room. He made another program at the Bosporus in Turkey where he commented on the Soviet oil tankers using the only access the Russians had to warm water ports and from the shores of the Black Sea, from the Dardanelles, from Anzio and from Rome in Italy where he talked about an emerging one world-church. He made two programs from the Rock of Gibraltar about threats of Britain loosing this "sea-gate" to Spain and another from Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin. Unfortunately the WCG appear to have destroyed all of these historic GTA "On-the-Spot" programs.

OTS 01

OTS 02

OTS 03

OTS 04

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OTS 11


After the program from Tyre, which some in the church claimed would never be rebuilt (ACBCC, lesson 10) this teaching was quietly dropped after it was found to be false and was explained as being a yet to be fulfilled prophecy. (GN, Dec 1980) In September 1966 GTA was in England and in the Ambassador College gymnasium at Bricket Wood, in his morning sermon on the Feast of Trumpets (15-Sept-66), without discussing his views with his father, he said that as his mother was old and not well she would not survive in the conditions at Petra and he told the church that he no longer believed in the idea of the church going there as the "Place of Safety". ("Ye Are the Branches", Apr-94, "Waiting For Messiah" Dec-94, "Church Eras" Apr-95, "Birmingham", "Our Secret Place" Mar-99 and "To the Churches" Mar-02) He said "Not five percent of our people could make it in there. They wouldn't have the physical strength and the stamina if you turned them loose twenty miles distant on a hot day." and some words were exchanged afterwards. It was reported that in the afternoon his father who was "blind furious", "absolutely furious" with him over this, jumped and yelled several times while giving a sermon, contradicting what GTA had said in the morning, still claiming the church would "fly" to Petra, the so called "Place of Safety". ("Don't Trust Dates", 6-Jan-01) We are willing to pay AU$5000 for a copy of this GTA sermon tape. In "Peters Farewell" (4-Jan-03) GTA said, "I was right, wasn't I?". GTA's mother, who had suggested this idea of Petra as the "Place of Safety" after reading about Petra in a 1935 copy of "National Geographic", died on the 15th of April in 1967 aged 75 years. ("Rapture of the Saints", tv 23-Nov-96 and 13-March-99) Garner Ted began regular television broadcasts on the 11th of May 1967 beginning in black and white then changing to colour in the Spring of 1968, which climbed to 165 stations. Plans were also made to begin live radio broadcasts from Jerusalem but this was halted by the 1967 "Six Day War" which began on the 5th of June. ("The Mid East in Prophecy", 17-Dec-88, The Red Heifer, 24-May-97, tv 6-Jne-98) On the 5th of January 1968 the RCG was renamed "The Worldwide Church of God" (WCG) after Garner Ted suggested this new name for the church. In about May 1968 the church purchased a Falcon Fan jet. When GTA returned to Israel he found the Jordanians no longer controlled the radio station. We have a short excerpt of a program he made on the Golan Heights in August 1968. We do not have many old GTA "World Tomorrow" programs in our library that have survived from the 1950's and early 1960's, but we do have an excerpt of the broadcast he did following the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963 about "ballots, not bullets" This can be found on the tape "Fortieth Anniversary of the World Tomorrow" program (Jan-74) This moving program was repeatedly broadcast free. ("Trumpets 2001", 18-Sept-01, "Where Was God" and tv 18-Sep-01) From the 1st of December in 1968, Ambassador College students officially began excavations of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem at the southern wall below the Al Aqsa mosque and at the western wall. GTA mentions this in "The Real Jesus" (Program #488, Sept-1973) In "The Museum in Heaven" (21-Apr-95) he says they dug at the north wall of the temple. This project was called the "Big Dig" and continued until 1976 under the direction of Benjamin Mazar who gave GTA a Herodian period jug that he shows in the video sermon "Will the Wall Come Tumbling Down" (21-Dec-02). In 1969 the offices of the Australian headquarters moved to the 13th floor of the "Combined Insurance" building at 132 Arthur St North Sydney. In 1970 GTA visited Jerusalem in the churches Falcon DA-20 Fan jet
The "America Listen!" personal appearances with GTA began in June 1970, (TW, June 1970, p24 and 1992 "Thankfulness" tape) GTA visited over 30 cities with 15,000 attending his 1970 Nashville appearance. GTA mentions in his book about the History of the Church that by the 1970's he had made over 7000 programs. Also around this time GTA learnt of the history of his sister Dorothy while some in the church raised questions over GTA's lifestyle. He was expelled  from the 1971 Feast of Tabernacles in September and disfellowshipped for excessive drinking and gambling. He returned but was then "relieved of responsibilities" from October 9, 1971. Here in Australia in about October 1971, before the introduction of post-code numbers, due to so much mail being wrongly delivered to GPO Box 345 Sydney, which belonged to solicitors "Church and Grace", the church was offered and so obtained that postal address as well. After another confrontation at his home on the 30th of January 1972 GTA was forced out of the church and disfellowshipped for six months because of "personal emotional problems" but after the church suffered a 40% drop in income he was soon reinstated. From 12-July-1972 GTA began daily television for about two years. (PT 1974) On the 25th of August 1972 GTA re-commenced his nation-wide personal appearance campaigns beginning in Calgary in Canada. (GN-Dec-72) Around this time, the Australian printing works that began operating in 1962 and had been moved into new premises at 36 Hotham Parade in Artarmon in mid 1969 moved again to 7 Lancelly Place Artarmon. In August 1972 Dennis Luker became the new Australian Regional Director. In April 1973 GTA began making special daily five minute "capsule" broadcasts for Australia that went to air on the Macquarie Network in 1973. From about April 1976 until July 1977 another series of five minute commentaries were broadcast on other stations. We presently have about 40 of these broadcasts in our collection.

The number of radio stations that carried "The World Tomorrow" with GTA around the world, climbed to 360. GTA mentions in his pre-Trumpets tape (Sept-1998) "my voice went out all over the world". In this "pre-Trumpets" 1998 tape and in his "Huntsville Service" (5-Jn-99) he tells us that on a trip in South Africa he became lost and called for directions to a man he found working on the roof of his house and was surprised that the man who appeared to be so isolated from the world recognized GTA's voice from hearing "The World Tomorrow". In May 1973 GTA told another member of the church called Al Carrozzo that he disagreed with church doctrine and in January 1974 a major "storm" blew up over WCG teachings. At this time the Australian Headquarters were moved to a temporary office in Queensland using PO Box 202 Burleigh Heads. In May 1974 GTA had the strict church laws against divorce and remarriage relaxed. ("The Word of God is Going Out", 31-Mar-1979) and also the day of Pentecost was changed from Monday to Sunday. In 1975 for economic reasons the printing of "The Plain Truth" was moved to Singapore. A church offshoot called the "Antipodean Press" was closed but the Ambascol Printing works at Artarmon remained open until July 1977 doing commercial printing. David Robinson in his book "Tangled Web" says in 1975 more efforts were made to ouster GTA. GTA went to Egypt and interviewed President Anwar el-Sadat on the 6th of March 1976. (PT April 1976) He offered to fly Sadat to Jerusalem for peace talks. "GTA in Sydney" (26-Nov-1977) President Sadat flew to Jerusalem as Garner Ted had suggested to him in November 1977 which led to the signing of the "Camp David Accords" with US President Jimmy Carter in September 1978, and the signing of a peace deal with Israel in March 1979. (tv12-Apr-97, "Lebanon" 10-May-97) In "Fayetteville Sunday" (25-Mar-2000) Garner Ted thinks he was responsible for planting the idea in Sadat that led to Sadat's assassination. The new Queensland office of the WCG opened  in March 1976 and the GTA television program began in Australia on the 2nd of May 1976 with subjects on "The Laser", Nuclear Energy, Money, Alcoholism, Juvenile Crime and "Showcase of the Deep" etc. Dean Wilson became the Australian Regional Director around the beginning of 1977. The Falcon Fan jet was "sold" in May 1977. In November 1977 Garner Ted flew a new G2 (Grumman Gulf Stream II jet) to Sydney via New Zealand and Brisbane and spoke at the Sydney Showground. We have a noisy copy of this talk in the tape library. GTA tells us he gave Robert Kuhn the idea behind the story of "The Raiders of the Lost Ark". Robert Kuhn wrote the script with Stanly Rader who knew Steven Spielberg who produced the movie. ("The Test Commandment" 9-July-94 and "Museum in Heaven" 29-Apr-95) GTA was well known for his "silver tongue" and he won several awards as the speaker on the "World Tomorrow". He says thirty million people heard him each week. (5-Sep-93) Some believed GTA was the Watchman described in Ezekiel 33 "lo, thou art unto them as a very lovely song of one that hath a pleasant voice, and can play well on an instrument". His name was included among the famous people mentioned in the song "The Intro and the Outro" by the "Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band". He mentions his award winning broadcasts in his tape "Honour and Respect" (10-Dec-83). GTA started a  newspaper for the church called the "Worldwide News", had a gymnasium built at Orr, Minnesota. "Spiritual Bodies" (27-July-1985 and "Why Prophecy") and began the "Summer Educational Program" (SEP) for the church youths. (27-Feb-99 and "Last Day of U/B", 7-Apr-99) He was named the President of the colleges. During 1977 he was given all control. ("Successful Christian", 7-May-83) but GTA continued to disagree with church doctrines and was accused of "destroying the church". He organized the ministry to compile the teachings of the WCG into some orderly form called the "Systematic Theology Project" (STP). This project which began in 1975 was presented at a conference in Pasadena in January 1978 but was immediately withdrawn and banned. Also in January 1978, among other things, GTA was ordered to sell the "Big Sandy" College and found his aims and goals were being challenged and denied by others in the church. Most of the blame for the dissension was believed to be over a struggle for power by Stanly Radar, the church treasurer who had been baptized in a bath tub in Hong Kong on the 6-March-1975 (WN) and was considered to be of the "rank" of "Evangelist". GTA tells us how Stanly Radar searched for a non-existent book of the bible called "The Book of Nebuchadnezzar", while giving a sermon. ("The Laborers Are Few", 26-Feb-94) Following another confrontation and threats of them destroying one another, (LGD, 11-Oct-90) GTA, the President of Ambassador College and the one who the church had regarded as the "Watchman" of Ezekiel 33, was stripped of all positions on the 8th of May 1978. Garner Ted gave what became his last sermon in the WCG on the Pentecost week-end, 3-June-1978, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. About ten minutes from the end of the sermon he told the audience what he thought about the church treasurer. This appears to have been the final straw for the WCG leadership who expelled him and tried to shut him up. In mid June GTA was threatened with "marking". Garner Ted tells us in his tapes "Gods Families (Oct-84) "Religion of Hate", (Mar-93) and in "New Covenant Sabbath" (Jan-95) that the WCG accused him of "watering down doctrine". He was accused of being a liberal over the issue of "make-up" ("What is the Pharisee" 21-Dec-91) and was accused of trying to divert corporate funds. ("By Your Words", 21-May-83) He says he was ousted by fabrications ("Our Identity", 7-Feb-87) He was sued for $551 million and in a secret meeting was offered payments to "never reveal" or "disclose" what he knew. He was offered $50,000 to "keep his bad mouth shut".("Fictitious Letter to Paul", 26-Jan-02, "All About Angels", 6-Jly-02, "60 Minutes" interview in 1979, "State of Work", 9-Feb-80 and "A Message", 21-Feb-81) In "The Great Commission" (23-Dec-79) GTA said "No one will ever muzzle my mouth". GTA was the leading RCG/WCG evangelist for about 23 years and during his time as the voice of "The World Tomorrow" the church had grown from about 100 attendees in 1955 to around 100,000 by 1978. ("Are You Playing Church, 20-Oct-86) He tells us in his tape "Dedication Ceremony" (25-May-1991 and 29-Jne-02) and tv program (14-Aug-99) that he was responsible for 85% of the growth of the WCG, ("Work and You", 5-Oct-90) From the 1st of June until the 21st of June 1978 he started his own church in Texas called the "Church of God International" (CGI) and was disfellowshipped from the WCG on the 27th of June. He was then totally excommunicated and banished from the WCG on the 1st of July 1978. Around this time a number of others were also moved out of the WCG. To placate the GTA supporters from deserting the WCG some rumoured he would be coming back. Those in the WCG were told they would be excommunicated if they listened to GTA ("Trumpets", 2-Oct-78) and were ordered not to mention Garner Ted Armstrong's name. ("Judgement and Justice", 26-May-1979) In his tape "The Sabbath Day" (19-May-1990) he says the birthday of the CGI is on the 21st of July. In one of his tapes he mentions that he sold a four engined plane to finance his new enterprise. He either bought or sold it to or from one of the Osmond brothers who are Mormons who wanted him to be their "spokesman" of II Nephi 3:5-19 as best as can be recalled. (Has anyone got a copy of that tape made around 1978?) In the tape "Faith" (28-Oct-78) GTA said he had heard that the tapes he had made while he was in the WCG were being destroyed. The number of "World Tomorrow" radio programs he made from the 1950's and 60's alone, were said to have been three and a half thousand. ("Milwaukee, 3-Jne-78 & Atlanta, 16-Mar-80) GTA said that Stanly called him "a false prophet". (Sermon, 12-Aug-78) It is said that Stanly Radar was the one who ordered the destruction of the tapes, (that the church had prayed that God would inspire and that had given encouragement to the church over many years) The WCG director of ministry, Rod Meredith, said the removal of GTA from the WCG was like the removal of cancer but later Rod was demoted, silenced and out himself. During 1978 GTA began recording new radio programs in a garage converted into a studio and began radio broadcasts on WOAI which grew to 54 stations in the US and by April 1979 he had made over 240 of these new programs. On the 2nd of January 1979 the Californian Attorney General put the WCG into receivership and its headquarters moved to Tucson, Arizona. GTA was blamed for this. The interview of GTA on "60 Minutes" was aired on April 15th 1979. The Australian church (CGI) was started here in Sydney in July 1979 as a "non-profit trust" by David Sandland who had graduated from Ambassador College in 1969. GTA began making new television programs starting in December 1980, ("Love Your Enemy", 20-Dec-80, "Future Dreams", 19-June-93) while he continued making his 30 minute radio programs and began making 15 minute radio programs. GTA tells us he had over 1000 radio programs available ("Apostasy in the Church", 25-June) He began another series of tv programs that started on WGNO in New Orleans in January 1983. Some of his new 15 minute radio programs were aired in Sydney in the 1980's but are missing and later some tv programs were broadcast in various states around Australia up until after the 1990-91 Gulf War that we have in our library.  
GTA had earlier shared in writing the booklets "The Wonderful World Tomorrow" and "1975 in Prophecy". To his surprise he found things that he wrote in these booklets were included in a "new" book produced by the WCG called "The Mystery of the Ages", so unexpectedly and unacknowledged, he became the co-author of this very "important" work, as he explains on page 32 of his "History of the Church" and in his tapes called "Do the Work" (Jan 86), "Who is Doing the Work?" (Sept-91), "In Your Lifetime" (13-Mar-93) "Who is in Control" (27-Aug-94), "Don't Trust Dates" (Jan-01) "The Bible and the Newspaper" (Feb-01), "Straw Men", (Apr-01) and "pre Last Great Day" (19-Sept-01). GTA hoped to get back to having an even greater media outreach than he had when he was in the WCG. "Goal of the Church" (5-Sep-92) Besides his strong messages about the Kingdom of God, GTA spoke out against the errors of mainstream churches and also exposed some of the false doctrines and errors being preached in the WCG about the Gospel, the idea that Jesus could not sin, about the church not going to Petra, church eras, church hierarchy, Elijah, 19 year time cycles, 6,000 years, the time of the Exodus, Satan, tithing, Xmas, Easter, the meaning of the Feasts, healing, racism, birthdays, women's make-up and so on. In his tape "False Church Beginnings" (27-Apr-85) he says he had not changed the teachings, he had broadened them. In a telephone conversation with Ralph Helge of the WCG a few weeks before his father died, GTA asked for some of his old "On-the-Spot" tapes, but to no avail. ("Apostasy Then and Now", 21-Dec-85) GTA's father died on the 16th of January 1986 reportedly having only $5,000 or $10,000. ("Atlanta" 21-Apr-2000) and Joseph Tkach became the leader of the WCG. Tkach set about changing the doctrines of the church. He removed many of those who were resistant to the changes which led Garner Ted to voice some strong sermons against what was occurring. In "Shadow of the Lamb" (30-Mar-96) he says that he wished he had done things differently (to prevent the Tkach take-over) He appeared as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show on the 23rd of July 1987 and began suffering respiratory problems from around 1990. His sister Beverly died of cancer in March 1992. ("What Happens When I Die", 28-Mar-92) In 1994 GTA began a new series of 30 minute radio programs called "Tomorrows World". We have 16 of them in our library. GTA visited Australia in February 1995 and spoke at the Sydney Opera House followed by the Melbourne Arts Centre and the Brisbane City Hall. We have videos of his talks in Sydney and Melbourne and the audio of Brisbane. Some of his radio programs were broadcast in Brisbane, during the mid-nineties. The subverted WCG happily embraced many of the false teachings and doctrines of paganised Christianity. In May 1995 the WCG in Australia had their collection of historical Armstrong material professionally destroyed. In "Museum in Heaven" (29-Apr-95) GTA said the WCG had "become a harlot", was "unrecognizable" (21-Jn-97) and "threw away their roots". ("Ft Wayne",17-Aug-02) Since then they have even refused to give permission to allow the purchase old WCG copyright material.
In November 1995 the Suerae Robertson affair blew-up in the US when she took action against the CGI. GTA stood down from the CGI for three months. "Lets Get On With the Work" (27-Jan-96) Alan Kendall who was running the Australian CGI after taking over in 1986 had been entrusted with our tape library but around 1996 he turned against GTA and destroyed the library of possibly 1000 audio and video tapes that had been collected from about the start of 1978. He said he "recycled" them. This has left many missing from our collection that we have not been able to replace. In November 1997 GTA was again separated from what he and his supporters had built up over the previous 19 years when the CGI board expelled him from the CGI and tried to shut him up. In "Politically Incorrect" (7-Dec-02) GTA shows that he also advised some to "keep your mouth shut" too. The CGI have said they no longer send out GTA tapes. In January 1998 GTA started the Intercontinental Church of God (ICG). In Sydney David Dunlop who was a long time supporter of the church and was one of those who helped build the Blackheath Tabernacle in 1964, contacted GTA. David helped gather the scattered supporters and began hosting meetings which continued harmoniously with the approval of GTA for about three years until a group of former members of the WCG who had unsuccessfully tried to take over the "United Church of God", worked stealthily to get control of David's new ICG/GTAEA group. By offering to help distribute the weekly tapes Peter Ellis appeared to have good intentions. He gained David's confidence and was able to get the donors mailing addresses but he and his friends then wanted to run the meetings themselves and after continually disrupting the church meetings and by scheming, bulldozing, undermining and usurping David, Peter said he would start his own meetings. Peter and his friends tried using intimidation by demanding that David's group stop holding any more meetings. At the Feast of Tabernacles in 2000 Peter was able to get the Feast organizer, Dusan Zubovic, to play a tape by one of those opposed to GTA while claiming it was done to help bring unity with the other groups but this caused more division. After the feast this group of Peter Ellis in partnership with Murray Allatt and their friends began holding their own rival meetings. In the December 2000 issue of "The Journal" is an article about the visit of Wayne Cole to Australia which they organized in November 2000 without informing David about their plans but in which they referred to themselves as members of the ICG. They led Garner Ted into thinking they were already running the group and tricked David into thinking that GTA wanted him to hand the GTAEA over to them. Being unaware of their agenda and thinking it was what Garner Ted wanted, David handed the GTAEA bank account, the mailing list and our new tape library over to them in December 2000 and this was how they were able to hijack the GTAEA and get hold of our tape collection and have been able to take advantage of the previous work that had been established and built up by the long time supporters of GTA who had been suffering from their antagonism, hostile attitude and continual trouble-making and who wanted nothing to do with them. Since gaining possession of the things that had been previously built up they have been able to give the false impression to newcomers who are unaware of these things that they are the ones who have been the long time supporters of GTA. On the 5th of February 2001 Peter's group incorporated the GTAEA and on reading a letter GTA sent to his Australian and New Zealand brethren of March 2001, GTA can be seen to have been misled by these plotters who had secretly worked behind David Dunlop's back organizing things in the name of the ICG without telling David what they were doing. By the time David realized what had been going on it was too late to reverse the damage and he now regrets that he let them have their way. While appearing to support GTA, Peter and his friends pushed the distribution of non-GTA tapes made by those opposed to GTA onto the GTA supporters and in their efforts to silence the supporters of the ICG there was a threat to sue as well. News of the split got back to GTA and in his "pre FOT 2001" tape he sought to have both groups unite but he was unaware of what lay behind the division. In the tape "Our Common Goal" (23-Feb-02) GTA informs us "I know people down there wanted me to be quiet", revealing to us these tramplers were continuing to work in secret. They organized the visit of GTA to Australia in February 2003 but not everyone was invited to attend but we have two of the videos made while he was here. Seven months later on the15th September after suffering an adverse reaction to treatment for pneumonia, GTA died aged 73. In "God's Timetable" (19-Oct-96) GTA suggested the idea of dying in "2003, in September". In "All About Money" (26-May-90) he said "73 would be fantastic". About two months before he died he said he was "not going to be in hospital" ("All About Prayer, July-03) He didn't like the idea of cremation (27-May-00 and "Important Elections", Oct-00) and was buried next to an oak tree in Gladewater Memorial Park. His son Mark was left in charge. Mark stated that he would not change anything. Here in Australia following some "bad blood" between Peter and Murray, Peter resigned in February 2004 leaving Murray in control of their break-away GTAEA group. In "Shackles of Carnality", (27-Jan-01) and "Your Greatest Responsibility" (31-Aug-02) GTA plainly taught that there is no hierarchy or rank in the church and emphasized in "Let George Do It" (1-Feb-92) that no local pastor has been given absolute control over others in the church. In "No Baggage Allowed" (8-Jne-02) GTA warned that he didn't want "little Hitlers" in the ICG. In "Daniel 11 & Current Events" (23-Dec-00) he said there is "no Hitlerian dictatorship in the ICG" and no "putting out". "Do not try to be a big minister-" ("Footwashing Attitude", 24-Mar-01) "We are all equals." Garner Ted said his group are "an open arms, open doors" church. ("Is God Tolerant", 5-Jan-02). In his tape "Religious Partisanship", (24-Mar-01) he said "Go straight, correct errors". In "Money and Power" (28-Feb-98) he said he wanted people in his church to "talk about what we believe". In "1st Day of Unleavened Bread" (28-Mar-02) he tells us "we should not be a dumb sheep, you have your personal sovereignty" and in "Passover", (15-Apr-03) "Those who refuse to be one, are the ones with the problem." Just before the Passover in 2004 Mark encouraged those in the original Australian ICG to attend the Passover with Murray's break-away GTAEA group but Murray who had sided with Peter and who also took part in the take-over of the GTAEA from David Dunlop refused to allow David to attend Murray's GTAEA Passover service. In a telephone message Murray said  he did not want us at his meetings because of "ratbaggery" and because he had new people attending, obviously fearing that because of David's background he could expose the past to unwary newcomers to the GTAEA who Murray has continually tried to keep in the dark about what took place. In his efforts to cover up his actions Murray got the "Prime" television station to stop ICG advertising near the US sponsored program, so from around August of 2004 "Prime" showed compliance to mammon by operating hand in hand with the GTAEA and refused our advertising. In October 2005 in a further attempt to increase his dictatorial control, Murray incorporated a similar name, "The Intercontinental Church of God (Australia) Incorporated", in opposition to the original "Intercontinental Church of God" which David started here in 1998. In April 2009 Murray colluded with "tvs" at the University of Western Sydney to again prevent ICG advertising on their station which he openly boasts he was responsible for stopping in his 10-April-09 "Australia Report". Even though Murray has said that "Everyone is welcome" to attend his Feast of Tabernacles, we have not been welcome. To prevent attendance at his 2009 Feast of Tabernacles, Murray's helper, Chris Waterman, claimed their GTAEA feast was a "private" meeting.
Although those in the GTAEA took nearly all of the tapes we had collected for the three years from 1998 until 2001 by falsely reassuring David of their good intentions but having since then denied us friendship, fellowship or access to our tapes, we have since combined our own personal tape collections together and with thanks to others from around the world we have been able to rebuild another tape library that now has over 2,000 sermons, studies, radio and television broadcasts etc available. In October 2012 Murray began pirating the audio files from our web site and lied to "SoundCloud" that he had the copyright and after changing the names and dates of some as well as making deletions to the actual tapes he has loaded over 500 of our files onto his web site without either asking us if he could use them or acknowledging that he has pirated them from us. In April 2013 continuing his unethical ways he was found to also be pirating our videos as well by replacing our introductions and outro's with his own contact details to hide where he had obtained the files from before reloading them onto "Vimeo" also breaching the requirements of their terms of use in his efforts to bolster his copycat site that perpetuates numerous errors and false teachings of the past rather than exposing and correcting them. We will continue to do what we can to help clear away the many false beliefs that linger in the minds of those who have been led down the path of religious deception even pointing out where GTA also made mistakes. We hope this library and its accompanying notes will continue to help serve this purpose. (Just click on the links at the bottom of each page to access them) In his 1994 tape called "God's World" GTA says that he had made 20,000 television programs and between 30,000 to 40,000 radio programs. About 5 years later in his 1999 "Birmingham" tape he tells us he had made 15 to 20 thousand programs and sermons but he also gave many sermons and made personal appearances around the world during about 48 years of preaching that we do not presently have in our library. We welcome any tapes that are missing from our library and would like to add copies of  any of those we do not have to include in this collection.


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