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     July GTA's First Television program  (Video excerpts only)   30 sec  Clips
07 Oct No Bible Contradictions - Study (FOT Big Sandy) There are one or two announcements   17 min
    Nov GTA's First Radio Program AGF-TWT What a paradox. A world preparing for war  25 sec
Corporal Punishment  GF This is Garner Ted Armstrong speaking to you again   04 min
    Fall Downfall of USA by South America  I think since M  73 min
    Fall Lamentations (All over by 1980) I thought I would go through a comparatively obscure  78 min
08 Nov Summary of Acts (Tithes, Priesthood) I'm going to give you a summary of an entire 80 min
06 Oct GTA sings: "If God so Clothed the Grass"  04 min
Ecclesiastes (TWT Radio Program) AGF-TWT Why are so few people today truly  30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists AGF-TWT Just before he died a German soldier wrote 29 min
A Time of Crime (TWT) AGF-TWT but the bad news of today is that the United St 30 min
Juvenile Delinquency (TWT excerpt)  --the actual facts published by the FBI 05 min
22 Nov Assassination of JFK AGF-TWT and the bad and the tragic news of this world today 30 sec
     Jne The Story of Adam AGF-TWT Tomorrows world will be a world of plenty 30 min
  Jne/Jly Panorama of the Bible AGF-TWT The biggest quest of man today is just how to find 30 min
Panorama of the Bible AGF-TWT What is a church. What is it for. What is a Christ 30 min
Panorama of the Bible AGFATW this is GTA speaking to you from Ambassador Co 30 min
Panorama of the Bible AGFATWfrom Ambassador College in Big Sandy Texas 30 min
Panorama of the Bible AGF-BST but look at the world today  30 min
     Sep How would Jesus Vote AGF-TWT A new president in the Soviet Union and  30 min
1975 in Prophecy AGF-TWT There is no longer need or room 30 min
1975 in Prophecy AGF-TWT and it's about time (Glitches)  30 min
Fantastic Nightmare (Radio London) AGFATW World leaders today are engrossed  30 sec
Just What is God Just what is God. Who and what is  30 min
Life in the USA AGF-TWT Why is the United States the most violent  30 min
The Gospel Series AGF A world of law that's what this (clicky) 29 min
The Gospel Series AGF-TWT Does the bible have anything to do  30 min
What is Education AGF-TWT Just what is education. Do you really know  29 min
Why Bible Prophecy AGF-TWT You today are living in a shocking world  30 min
     Mar Child Rearing (Damaged intro) AGF- -being told we're living in a time of insoluble  27 min
15 Mar Seven Proofs God Exists AGF-TWT A university professor has said in looking  30 min
16 Mar The Age of the Bomb AGF-TWT Today mankind is trapped in an arms race  30 min
17 Mar What Does Christ Look Like (No Intro) -- a hair-cuts in many fields and recently 29 min
18 Mar The Bible AGF A glittering future is ahead according to the best predictions  30 min
19 Mar The Bible AGF-TWT Does this world today make any sense. Where are all these events  30 min
21 Mar College Education AGF-TWT We're in the midst of an educational crisis today  30 min
22 Mar Mental Health AGF Why are so many people mentally ill today. Why so many (Gap@20m)  30 min
24 Mar Marriage and Divorce AGF-TWT What's beyond the tremendous change in  30 min
25 Mar Questions Most Asked AGF-TWT Why so much confusion today in the minds of   29 min
26 Mar Questions Most Asked AGF-TWT Living in a world such as this is  (Damaged) 30 min
28 Mar Questions Most Asked AGF Surveys over the past quarter century have shown  29 min
16 Mar First "On-the-Spot" broadcast at Cape Kennedy This is GTA speaking to 01 min   Pic
29 Mar The Race to Conquer Space AGF-TWT I just returned from Cape Kennedy where I  29 min
30 Mar The Countdown Has Started AGF-TWT Plans move along now toward the launching  29 min
31 Mar Who Will Rule Space AGF-TWT At Cape Kennedy recently I saw the twin launchings 29 min
01 Apr Has God Eternally Existed AGF-TWT Isn't the idea of man from dust and a woman 29 min
02 Apr Prove All Things AGF-TWT but what a world it is today, earthquakes,  race riots, 30 min
04 Apr Matthew 24 AGF-TWT People are very disturbed about the bad news of the world today 30 min
05 Apr Escapism AGF-TWT What a frightening paradox it is today that while we live   29 min
06 Apr Escapism AGF-TWT Your living in a time of shocking predictions  29 min
08 Apr Escapism  AGF-TWT Your living in staggering times and as a result   30 min
13 Apr The Need For Law AGF-TWT Your living in a lawless age. An age of    29 min
     Apr No Law Enforcement - (No Intro) -technicalities of the wording, they finally were comp 04 min
     Apr Is It True AGF-TWT Is it true that some people are lost before they're born 95 sec
     Apr Why Parables AGF-TWT If God has been trying to save this world   30 min
     Apr Our Nuclear Age AGF-TWT and the quick view of the world today. The age of   30 min
     Apr Mankinds Quest AGF-TWT Just how far have we come in our quest for peace.  30 min
     Apr Inside the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem This is GTA speaking to you from inside  73 sec   Pics
08 May GTA at the Anzio Military Cemetery in Italy AGFATW This is GTA speaking 30 sec   Pics
     Sep From West Berlin AGF-TWT This is GTA from West Berlin  29 min
     Sep The Fourth Commandment AGF-TWT You have never heard of so many (Gap@5min)  30 min
What is a Real Christian AGF-TWT Will we survive our age of science without being  30 min
Christ's Coming AGF-TWT but why are so many lives empty in this w 30 min
     Oct  True Education AGF-TWT Police chief Parker before his death expressed pessim (Damaged) 29 min
     Oct The Sixth Commandment AGF-TWT Can you imagine the world tomorrow without 29 min
     Nov The Sixth Commandment AGF-TWT How would you like to hear these he  (Bad@16m) 29 min
     Nov The Seventh Commandment AGF-TWT Love and marriage just don't mix  30 min
     Nov The Seventh Commandment AGF-TWT Every time the clock ticks  30 min
     Nov The Seventh Commandment AGF from South Africa to Australia, from  29 min
     Nov The Seventh Commandment AGF-TWT Meet the latest minority group 29 min
     Nov The Seventh Commandment AGF-TWT What's happening to our marriages in  30 min
     Nov The Seventh Commandment  (No intro) - divorce is on the rise even in th  27 min
     Nov The Eighth Commandment AGF-TWT Well here we are approaching another holiday  30 min
     Nov The Ninth Commandment AGF-TWT What is honesty? More and more people  30 min
     Nov The Ninth Commandment AGFATW Would you say the national sport (Bad@15m)  29 min
     Nov The Tenth Commandment AGFATW In our society today money is worshipped  29 min
     Nov The Tenth Commandment  (No intro) - and say is dead, and his son Christ and that by  27 min
Population and Food  (No intro)  - years or less from now there would be another circle  27 min
Marriage (Spill) AGF-TWT What's the matter with our marriages  30 min
     Dec Predictions of Science AGF-TWT Suppose you were conducting  29 min
     Dec Our Future Foretold  (No intro) - technicolor, dramatic, fantastic. dazzling,  29 min
     Dec Teenage Moral Crisis AGF-TWT A group of teenages on a panel  29 min
     Dec Upside Down Beliefs AGF-TWT Why do you believe the things you do  29 min
     Dec What the Gospel Is Not AGF-TWT Tomorrows headlines are; "World peace at last  30 min
     Dec Why God Allows Accidents AGF-TWT What's the latest grizzley accident  29 min
     Dec Peace On Earth AGFATW Just what does this world really need (Bad@21m) 29 min
     Dec Situation Ethics AGFATW and wherever you live in the world  29 min
     Dec Is the Law Done Away AGFATW FBI Director J Edgar Hoover said recently  30 min
     Dec Perilous Times  (No intro) - of this very way of life  26 min
     Dec Is There a God AGF If there was a president of the world  29 min
     Dec Our Human Nature AGF-TWT Two disillusioned students of the University  29 min
     Dec The Real Problem AGF-TWT Sobering words from a sober man  29 min
     Dec Human Nature (No intro) -president Johnson said this will be a disorderly planet  29 min
     Dec Pollution AGF-TWT This modern world of technology designed to make 29 min
     Dec Dating AGFATW According to top statisticians in the United States there are about  29 min
     Dec Dating AGFATW How many people do you know who are divorced  29 min
     Dec Dating AGFATW Why are so many marriages unhappy today  29 min
     Dec Dating AGFATW Why are more and more Americans turning to drugs  30 min
     Jan Dating AGFATW Divorce and international flight is a special American disease  29 min
     Jan Dating AGFATW And so they lived happily ever after  30 min
     Jan Bird Migration AGFATW The biggest questions in your life are what, how and  30 min
     Jan Bird Migration AGFATW One of the biggest questions today is whether or not 29 min
09 Jan The Resurrection AGFATW By the time this progran is over another 4,000 29 min
10 Jan The Olivet Prophecy AGFATW Almost everyone thinks he knows what's going  to 29 min
11 Jan Smoking and Prophecy AGFATW With such abundance of bad news many 30 min
12 Jan Peace is Possible AGFATW Well there's not much good news in the head 29 min
13 Jan World Peace AGFATW Is the world filled with deaf people. It seems everyone 29 min
14 Jan The Age Beyond AGFATW From South Africa to Britain, from Australia to 30 min
16 Jan A Grain of Salt AGF-TWT and there is going to be some good news for a change 29 min
17 Jan Resurrection Theories AGF-TWT Some disillusioned college students pretty 29 min
18 Jan Christs Resurrection AGF-TWT What is ahead for this year (Gap@6m) 29 min
19 Jan Blessings and Curses AGF-TWT In the midst of all this portent of disaster 29 min
20 Jan The Nuclear Paradox AGF-TWT Your living in contradictory, paradoxical  30 min
21 Jan Discovering God AGFATW The last things that thirteen year old 29 min
23 Jan Master Plan For Peace  (No intro) -about peace, peace all over the world 27 min
24 Jan What Tomorrow Will  Be Like AGFATW Looking back over the past 30 min
25 Jan What Tomorrow Will  Be Like AGFATW When you take a good long 29 min
26 Jan What Tomorrow Will  Be Like AGF-TWT What a baffling age it is 29 min
27 Jan What Tomorrow Will  Be Like AGFATW Have you noticed how many 29 min
30 Jan What Tomorrow Will  Be Like AGFATW And now the end of the war in 29 min
31 Jan What Tomorrow Will  Be Like (No intro) -likely will oscillate between two 29 min
01 Feb What Tomorrow Will  Be Like AGFATW Its not a very good year to be 30 min
03 Feb Population and Food  AGFATW One million babies a week. That's the birth 29 min
06 Feb Population and Food  AGFATW In the next few years, fifteen to be exact, we 29 min
07 Feb Population and Food  AGFATW Almost everyone is having a hand at trying 30 min
08 Feb Prophetic Warning AGFATW If you had the power, how would you shape the 30 min
09 Feb Why Prophecy  AGF-TWT Drought, famine, starvation, possible food wars 29 min
10 Feb Why Accidents  AGF-TWT A writer wrote into a newspaper column 30 min
11 Feb Time to Change AGFATW There is a way the United States can end the war 30 min
13 Feb The Book About Human Nature AGF-TWT The most obvious problem 30 min
14 Feb Proverbs  AGF-TWT Just where are you going in your personal life in the 29 min
15 Feb Proverbs AGF-TWT Have you ever noticed how, when things are going wrong, 30 min
16 Feb State of the World AGFATW One of the many articles being written today about 30 min
17 Feb Mirror Mirror AGFATW An extensive series of articles in the Wall Street Journal 30 min
18 Feb According to Hoyle AGFATW Have you ever tried waking up with a clock radio 30 min
20 Feb What God Do You Mean AGFATW Well, physicists and mathematicians 30 min
21 Feb Why Did God Let It Happen AGFATW The biggest and the most important 30 min
22 Feb Mind Pollution AGFATW From Australia to Britain, from the United States to Cana 30 min
23 Feb This Gospel AGFATW Pity the economy if peace ever broke out, because we would 29 min
24 Feb The Truth and the Proof  (No intro) --humanity has symptoms of a deep disease 29 min
27 Feb Mental Stability AGFATW Your living in a time of drop-outs from all society 30 min
28 Feb Mental Stability AGFATW An American social scientist 30 min
01 Mar Mental Stability AGFATW Today people are living on the edge of fear 30 min
02 Mar Mental Stability (No intro) -greatest single health problem and declare that 28 min
03 Mar Proverbs AGF-TWT Your living in todays world, that is a world filled with 30 min
06 Mar Truth and Honesty AGF-TWT but the bad news of todays world is exactly the 29 min
07 Mar Moral Standards AGF-TWT Are moral standards any longer necessary in this 29 min
08 Mar Proverbs AGF-TWT Just where do you fit in this world today. What is your role in 30 min
13 Mar Proverbs (No intro) - -Vietnam, the problems in Europe, a divided Berlin 29 min
14 Mar Theories About Evolution AGFATW Why is life so meaningless and purposeless 29 min
15 Mar Evolution or Creation AGF-TWT Your hearing strange questions in this Space Age 29 min
17 Mar Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW Why can't world leaders find the way to peace 30 min
20 Mar Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW One of the questions most often asked a mini 30 min
21 Mar Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW People ask today what did religion ever do for 30 min
22 Mar The Watchman AGFATW Few know the purpose behind Prime Minister Kosygin's sev 29 min
23 Mar Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW One million people a week, that's the populat 30 min
25 Mar Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW Is the bible up to date in the Space Age 30 min
27 Mar The World Tomorrow AGFATW What if you heard of a plan that would bring world 30 min
28 Mar Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW Is the bible out of date in the Space Age. 30 min
30 Mar Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW Can you take the statement from the bible 30 min
31 Mar Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW and aren't you glad you can't see air and aren't 30 min
01 Apr Europe in Prophecy AGFATW The course of modern history is being altered right now 30 min
03 Apr Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW Suppose a visitor from outer space should land 30 min
04 Apr Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW A scientist now says you are just about the luck 29 min
06 Apr Prophecies Coming Alive AGFATW Why is it we take for granted the bad news to 30 min
08 Apr Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW In the beginning God created the heavens and 30 min
10 Apr Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW Which came first, the chicken or the egg and an 30 min
11 Apr Seven Proofs God Exists AGF-TWT In the news embarrassing questions being put to 30 min
12 Apr Seven Proofs God Exists AGF-TWT How much of your thinking do you leave to 29 min
13 Apr Seven Proofs God Exists  (No intro) -I'm especially interested in anything you have 29 min
15 Apr Moral and Spiritual Values AGF-TWT Max Rafferty who is superintendant of Cal 30 min
17 Apr Seven Proofs God Exists AGF-TWT I got a letter from a lady who said,"Recently I  30 min
18 Apr Seven Proofs God Exists AGF-TWT In this age of skepticism, cynicism,(Bad@2m) 29 min
19 Apr Seven Proofs God Exists AGF-TWT Let's pretend for a moment evolution is true 30 min
20 Apr Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW Well, that old moon up in there in the sky 29 min
24 Apr The Need For Solutions AGFATW Your living today in an age of rebellion, an age 30 min
25 Apr Prophecy in the News AGFATW There is good news for the world tomorrow 30 min
26 Apr World Conditions AGFATW It's about time you heard some good news for a change 29 min
27 Apr Modern Miseducation AGFATW Well, it's cap and gown time again 30 min
28 Apr World Conditions AGFATW This is a time of the insoluble problem in which you live 29 min
29 Apr Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW Which came first, the chicken or the egg? It's a 30 min
01 May Seven Proofs God Exists (Texas) GFATW It's no wonder the Europeans are beginning 29 min
02 May Child Rearing AGFATW Well, is your door locked? Are your car keys in your  (?@2m) 30 min
03 May Human Nature is Criminal  (No intro) -law enforcement agencies are alarmed. Police 29 min
04 May Unwilling Prophets AGF-TWT Does this world today make any sense. Where are all 30 min
05 May Free Speech AGF-TWT Your living in a time of failures, poverty and the frustrated 29 min
06 May Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW Are you an accident or were you planned? 29 min
10 May Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW Dust thou art and unto dust shall you return 29 min
11 May Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW What did religion ever do for you, people want 30 min
12 May Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW The other day I went down to our science lab 30 min
15 May Seven Proofs God Exists AGF-TWT The quickest way to make an athiest mad is to 30 min
16 May Seven Proofs God Exists AGF-TWT Where did you come from? Why are you here? 29 min
17 May Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW Why is it with all of our scientific knowledge 30 min
18 May The Seven Laws of Success AGF-TWT A world wide research organization with the 30 min
19 May Free Moral Agency AGFATW This is a horrible world in which you live today 30 min
20 May Food and Population AGFATW  You've got exactly eight years  30 min
22 May Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW Well, almost anyone would admit to you the wo 29 min
23 May Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW Well science says you can't know the truth 29 min
24 May The Seven Laws of Success AGFATW Education in our Western world has lost its 30 min
26 May Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW Well we're told today to live with uncertainty 30 min
31 May Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW The following article appeared recently in a Flor 29 min
11 May A New Thing  Hi this is GTA, we're doing a completely different new thing in television  10 sec
29 May Marriage AGFATW Well our national divorce picture today is an absolute disgrace 30 min
30 May What is Human Nature AGFATW Well we've won the gong. We win the cigar. We  30 min
01 Jne Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW Today as never before people are certain that no 29 min
     Jne Seven Proofs God Exists AGFATW Well we hear that world religious leaders 30 min
     Jne Todays Cities AGFATW Most of you are city dwellers 30 min
07 Jne The World Tomorrow AGFATW J Edgar Hoover said 29 min

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