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    July GTA's First Television program  (Video excerpts only)   30 sec  Clips
07 Oct No Bible Contradictions - Study (FOT Big Sandy) There are one or two announcements   17 min
    Nov GTA's First Radio Program AGF-TWT What a paradox. A world preparing for war  25 sec
Corporal Punishment  GF This is Garner Ted Armstrong speaking to you again   04 min
    Fall Downfall of USA by South America  I think since M  73 min
    Fall Lamentations (All over by 1980) I thought I would go through a comparatively obscure  78 min
08 Nov Summary of Acts (Tithes, Priesthood) I'm going to give you a summary of an entire 80 min
06 Oct  GTA sings: "If God so Clothed the Grass"  04 min
Ecclesiastes (TWT Radio Program) AGF-TWT Why are so few people today truly  30 min
A Time of Crime (TWT) AGF-TWT but the bad news of today is that the United St 30 min
Juvenile Delinquincy (TWT excerpt)  --facts published by the FBI 05 min
22 Nov Assassination of JFK AGF-TWT and the bad and the tragic news of this world today 30 sec
     Jne The Story of Adam AGF-TWT Tomorrows world will be a world of plenty 30 min
  Jne/Jly Panorama of the Bible AGF-TWT The biggest quest of man today is just how to find 30 min
Panorama of the Bible AGF-TWT What is a church. What is it for. What is a Christ 30 min
Panorama of the Bible AGFATW this is GTA speaking to you from Ambassador Co 30 min
Panorama of the Bible AGFATWfrom Ambassador College in Big Sandy Texas 30 min
Panorama of the Bible AGF-BST but look at the world today  30 min
     Sep How would Jesus Vote AGF-TWT A new president in the Soviet Union and  30 min
1975 in Prophecy AGF-TWT There is no longer need or room 30 min
1975 in Prophecy AGF-TWT and it's about time (Glitches)  30 min
Fantastic Nightmare (Radio London) AGFATW World leaders today are engrossed  30 min
Just What is God Just what is God. Who and what is  30 min
Life in the USA AGF-TWT Why is the United States the most violent  30 min
The Gospel Series AGF A world of law that's what this (clicky) 29 min
The Gospel Series AGF-TWT Does the bible have anything to do  30 min
What is Education AGF-TWT Just what is education. Do you really know  29 min
Why Bible Prophecy AGF-TWT You today are living in a shocking world  30 min
    Mar Child Rearing (Damaged intro) AGF- -being told we're living in a time of insoluable  27 min
15 Mar Seven Proofs God Exists AGF-TWT A university professor has said in looking  30 min
16 Mar The Age of the Bomb AGF-TWT Today mankind is trapped in an arms race  30 min
17 Mar What Does Christ Look Like (No Intro) -- a hair-cuts in many fields and rcently 29 min
18 Mar The Bible AGF A glittering future is ahead according to the best predictions  30 min
19 Mar The Bible AGF-TWT Does this world today make any sense. Where are all these events  30 min
21 Mar College Education AGF-TWT We're in the midst of an educational crisis today  30 min
22 Mar Mental Health AGF Why are so many people mentally ill today. Why so many (Gap@20m)  30 min
24 Mar Marriage and Divorce AGF-TWT What's beyond the tremendous change in  30 min
25 Mar Questions Most Asked AGF-TWT Why so much confusion today in the minds of   29 min
26 Mar Questions Most Asked AGF-TWT Living in a world such as this is  (Damaged) 30 min
28 Mar Questions Most Asked AGF Surveys over the past quarter century have shown  29 min
16 Mar First "On-the-Spot" broadcast at Cape Kennedy This is GTA speaking to 01 min   Pic
05 Apr Escapism AGF-TWT What a frightening paradox it is today that while we live   29 min
06 Apr Escapism AGF-TWT Your living in a time of shocking predictions  29 min
08 Apr Escapism  AGF-TWT Your living in staggering times and as a result   30 min
13 Apr The Need For Law AGF-TWT Your living in a lawless age. An age of    29 min
     Apr No Law Enforcement - and count of each of the wordings they were completely  04 min
     Apr Is It True  Is it true that some people are lost before  95 sec
     Apr Why Parables AGF-TWT If God has been trying to save  this world   30 min
     Apr Our Nuclear Age AGF-TWT and the quick view of the world today. The age of   30 min
     Apr Mankinds Quest AGF-TWT Just how far have we come in our quest for peace.  30 min
     Apr Inside the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem This is GTA speaking to you from inside  73 sec   Pics
08 May GTA at the Anzio Military Cemetery in Italy AGFATW This is GTA speaking 30 sec   Pics
     Sep From West Berlin AGFATW This is GTA from West Berlin  30 min
     Sep The Fourth Commandment AGF-TWT You have never heard of so many (Gap@5min)  30 min
What is a Real Christian AGF-TWT Will we survive our age of science without being  30 min
Christ's Coming AGF-TWT but why are so many lives empty in this w 30 min
     Oct  True Education (Damaged) AGF-TWT Police chief Parker before his death expressed pessim  29 min
     Oct The Sixth Commandment AGF-TWT Can you imagine the world tomorrow without 29 min
     Nov The Sixth Commandment AGF-TWT How would you like to hear these he  (Bad@16m) 29 min
     Nov The Seventh Commandment AGF-TWT Love and marriage just don't mix  30 min
     Nov The Seventh Commandment AGF-TWT Every time the clock ticks  30 min
     Nov The Seventh Commandment AGF from South Africa to Australia, from  29 min
     Nov The Seventh Commandment AGF-TWT Meet the  latest minority group 29 min
     Nov The Seventh Commandment AGF-TWT What's happening to our marriages in  30 min
     Nov The Seventh Commandment  (No intro) - divorce is on the rise even in th  27 min
     Nov The Eighth Commandment AGF-TWT Well here we are approaching another holiday  30 min
     Nov The Ninth Commandment AGF-TWT What is honesty? More and more people  30 min
     Nov The Ninth Commandment AGFATW Would you say the national sport (Bad@15m)  29 min
     Nov The Tenth Commandment AGFATW In our society today money is worshipped  29 min
     Nov The Tenth Commandment  (No intro)  - and say is dead, and his son Christ and that by  27 min
Population and Food  (No intro)  - years or less from now there would be another circle  27 min
Marriage (Spill) AGF-TWT What's the matter with our marriages  30 min
     Dec Predictions of Science  (No intro) - technicolor, dramatic, fantastic. dazzling,  29 min
     Dec Our Future Foretold (No intro) AGF-TWT Suppose you were conducting  29 min
     Dec Teenage Moral Crisis AGF-TWT A group of teenages on a panel  29 min
     Dec Upside Down Beliefs AGF-TWT Why do you believe the things you do  29 min
     Dec What the Gospel Is Not AGF-TWT Tomorrows headlines are world peace at last  30 min
     Dec Why God Allows Accidents AGF-TWT What's the latest grizzley accident  29 min
     Dec Peace On Earth AGFATW Just what does this world really need (Bad@21m) 29 min
     Dec Situation Ethics AGFATW and wherever you live in the world  29 min
     Dec Is the Law Done Away AGFATW FBI Director J Edgar Hoover said recently  30 min
     Dec Perilous Times  (No intro) - of this very way of life  26 min
     Dec Is There a God AGF If there was a president of the world  29 min
     Dec Our Human Nature AGF-TWT Two disallusioned students of the University  29 min
     Dec The Real Problem AGF-TWT Sobering words from a sober man  29 min
     Dec Human Nature (No intro) -president Johnson said this will be a disorderly planet  29 min
     Dec Pollution AGF-TWT This modern world of technology designed to make 29 min
     Dec Dating AGFATW According to top statisticians in the United States there are about  29 min
     Dec Dating AGFATW How many people do you know who are divorced  29 min
     Dec Dating AGFATW Why are so many marriages unhappy today  29 min
     Dec Dating AGFATW Why are more and more Americans turning to drugs  30 min

     Jan Dating AGFATW Divorce and international flight is a special American disease  29 min
     Jan Dating AGFATW And so they lived happily ever after  30 min
11 May A New Thing  Hi this is GTA, we're doing a completely different new thing in television  10 sec
20 May Food and Population AGF  You've got exactly eight years  30 min

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