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08 Aug From the Golan Heights in Syria (First 30 sec) 30 sec Video






    Apr GTA in London England  De Gaul is out 1023 01 min
16 Jly At Cape Kennedy for the Launch of Apollo 11 to the Moon And greetings 02 min Video






The Real Jesus  (tv) Our successes are usually 1069/5551 30 min
The Gospel (tv audio) The world tomorrow will still be here 1071 30 min


To Ruin a Marriage  If you want 

30 min







Is This the End Time-Overpopulation Well there's good news from 4840 29 min
Is This the End Time-Jeremiah & Crime  While the United States pop 4843 29 min
Child Rearing  Violent crime continues 4845 29 min


Alcoholism Alcohol is a worldwide problem 

04 min








What is the True Gospel 1 (tv) What is the true gospel 5621

30 min



The Gospel and The Energy Crisis With the energy crisis upon us 

29 min 


The Gospel  In a world such as ours (Three steps for survival) 5047 30 min


What is the True Gospel tv NBC News asked me

30 min



The Gospel of Jesus tv Senate investigating com

29 min


Seven Proofs God Exists  The biggest and the best 30 min






Five minute radio programs x40
The Real Jesus, Come Help Humanity, the Population Explosion,
Principals of Health, The Ten Commandments, The Modern Romans,
Evolution, Prophecy, A False Jesus, Is This the End Time   

FMC33  FMC34  FMC35







The Financial Economy (tv) The way it's told on television 1080

29 min



The World Needs Love  There's a beautiful record 

02 min


World Government is Almost Here  The end of the world is not near 30 min
Introduction to Jeremiah (tv) Think what a different world 4971/5538 29 min
Jeremiah 1  (tv audio) In the pre pornography days  4974/5541 30 min
Jeremiah 2  In a day such as ours with footprints  4975/5542 30 min
Misunderstandings If JesusChrist were on earth right now which church would he 1068/5545 30 min
The Unpardonable Sin 1  (tv) Religion is difficult to div 4976/5576 30 min
The Unpardonable Sin 2  Was God mad at ya jus (4977/5577) 30 min
The Unpardonable Sin 3  Has he really got th  156/5578 30 min
Who's Authority (tv) By what authority do you believe 1073/5593 30 min

Second Coming  (tv) If Jesus Christ of Nazareth were to come back to the earth as a  5000/5595

30 min
Jesus is Coming Again Which of the following headlines would be the most sensational 5001 29 min
Read the Book-Wine If the bible is the text book 5010/5596 30 min

Is Drinking A Sin Is drinking a sin. I'm talking about drinking booze (TWT 5597)

29 min
Which Day is the Christian Sabbath What would you say if you cond 5599 bad@4m 02 min
Bible Misconceptions  In China these days you can see 5012/5600) 30 min
13 Sep Bible Misconceptions-No Immortal Soul They say you can prove anything 5601 30 min Video
Bible Misconceptions (tv) Surest way to avoid being permitted aboard an airliner 5014/5602 29 min
The Life and Times of Jesus 1 (tv audio) Ancient Rome 29 min
The Life and Times of Jesus 2 (tv audio)  Most people would say i 28 min
The Life and Times of Jesus 3 When most people think of Palestine they usually 5017 30 min

How Jesus Appeared (tv) If ah, several hundred years had gone by. Now 5018 (poor)

30 min
Smile Jesus Loves You  Smile, Jesus loves you, goes the bumper sticker 5019 30 min
The Skeptic  A skeptic might look around at this world of ours today 5020 30 min
Russia in Prophecy Does the bible make any sense in the Space Age. Do things like taxes  141 30 min
Christian Salvation What did God ever do to you. Now I know a lot of people think that  5022 30 min
The Real Jesus We'd like your help in ah, locating a criminal type This reward poster says 5023 30 min

Read the Book  (tv) Well, wait a minute, don't adjust-Biblical illiteracy 118/1079/5024 

27 min
The Sex Revolution 1  -  The Sex Revolution 2 5619-5620  29 min






The Real Jesus  Garner Ted Armstrong, religion 5025  30 min
The Real Jesus  If Jesus 5026 30 min
Eating and Health The great American pass-time 5028  29 min
The History of Bread This is the age of foodless food 5029  29 min
03 Jan Heart, Health and Exercise  (Heart-beat) If he could have known 5030  30 min
Mental Health (Birds) Kind'a getting hard to keep a good tranquil 5031  29 min
07 Jan The Fortieth Anniversary of The World Tomorrow  AGF This is the 40th 30 min
20 Jan Mid-East Crisis  (TWT)  Could anyone have predicted 30 min
21 Jan Questions Answered  Questions, questions (poor) 30 min
Why Were You Born  (tv) Bewildered, that's a term 126/4838/5439 30 min
A Knowledge Explosion We're in the midst of a knowledge explosion 127/4844/5440 29 min
     Feb The Fortieth Anniversary of the Plain Truth magazine For forty years now  30 min
17 Feb False Prophets  One third of the bible is prophecy 123/143/5463  30 min
10 Apr End-Time Campaign in New Orleans (About Hiroshima) 30 min
13 Apr Excerpts of GTA on "Fourcorners"  29 min
Origin of Easter1  -  Origin of Easter2  -  Origin of Easter3   29 min
Easter and the Quartodecimins (TWT)  They hold up one finger or two 30 min
     Jne The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1-6  (tv audios) 
FH1 - FH2 - FH3 - FH4 - FH5 - FH6 30 min
Origin of the Universe Adam and Eve 5161/5492  29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 2 According to science 5162/5493  29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 1 (tv) In the beginning was methane 4864 29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 1 (tv) Know thyself and 4865/5163/5495  29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 1 Every time you get up 4866/5164/5496 29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 2 Since evolution (tv) 4868(US)/5165/5497 30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 2 Can't you just see it. Evolutionists, atheists 4869 30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 2 Your alive! 5166/5498 29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 3 Is it all fiction af, 5167/5499 30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 4 When the new 5168/550 29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 4 If you were looking for a  5169/5502 29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 4 The complete family album 5170/5503 29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 4 Its an age 5171/5504 29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 5 Which crash was it  5172 /5505 30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 5 Giant jet aircraft had designers 5173 29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 5 Which religion would be the most 5174 30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 5 Did the miracle of flight   5175/5509 29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 5 This is my fine Swiss watch  5510 29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 5 5177/5511 29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 5 When you first wake up in the morning 5178/5512 29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 6 What would it 5176/5179/5516 30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 6 People think Jesus Christ was almost anything 5180 30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 6 Everybody likes to find 4989/5181/5521 30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 6 Who's your favourite prophet. Jean Dixon 5182/5522 30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists 7 Does prayer do any good.  5185/5523 30 min
The Sermon on the Mount (TWT) Since society is founded upon lies 30 min
The Occult Explosion (First 17 min) noisy 17 min
What is the Kingdom of God How far have we c  5404 30 min
Jeremiah AGFATW If you could know the future in advance, tomorrow 5405 30 min
The Nature of God Part 1  -  Part 2  -  Part 3 30 min
The End Times Part 1 You are living in the time of the end. B 5409 30 min
The End Times Part 2 The world in ferment. Nation after 5410 30 min
Utopia  How close are we to a time when we 5411  30 min
Nuclear Destruction  (tv) (MUSIC) Countdown for an atomic bomb 5412 30 min
What is the Gospel  You know people do desire a u 164/ 5414 30 min
Harmony of the Gospels If peace were to break out tomorr 5415 29 min
Is Christ Divided I was asked are we living in the close of an age  5416 29 min
The Real Jesus The Kingdom of Christ  By twenty fifty 29 min
Whats Ahead in Prophecy Whats ahead in the Middle E 5418 29 min
Who Was Jesus The best of the big news you can  5419 30 min
Why Christ Came Mankind will either put an end to war  5420 29 min
World Government Is mankind fore-doomed by some fate 5421 29 min
The Missing Dimension in Knowledge 1 Just think, bef 5157/5423 30 min
The Missing Dimension in Knowledge 2 How can we say 5158/5424 30 min
The Big News  The big news seems to go unnoticed  5I86/5425 27 min
Nuclear Peril In August of 1945 the world discovered that 5187/5426 29 min
Twelve Rules to Rear a Delinquent (TWT) Twelve rules f 29 min
Twelve Rules to Rear a Delinquent We now face a nation filled with you 5428 29 min
Jeremiah No matter who is elected as America's 5429 30 min
Mars  Will they find life on Mars 5430 30 min
Child Rearing Hi, meet somebody who lives a dogs life 5432 30 min
Crisis in Agriculture You are living in the end of an age 5433 30 min
Your Religion The big news is we'll still be  5434 30 min
Where is Your Security Part 1  -  Where is Your Security Part 2  30 min
What Good is Religion  What good is religion if it doesn't 5436/5557 30 min
The Real Jesus The big news of the world tomorrow was brought to this 5437 29 min
Why Were You Born If you were asked by a pers 5438 29 min
The Unknown God What is the real missing dimension i 129/5442  30 min
Our Bankrupt Pagan Society One of the greatest hypocrisies  130/5443-4  29 min
Seven Proofs God Exists-Coal  Won't it prove embarrasing 5445/132  30 min
Seven Proofs God Exists-Coal The biggest and the best news you could h 5446  28 min
End Time Events It doesn't make sense. It isn't right. It shou 5448 28 min
Why Accidents You know some of the funniest things you've ev 5449 29 min
Nuclear Weapons It sounds strange but the best way to disco 5450 29 min
Spaceship Earth Spaceship earth, on a journey we know not where 5451 30 min
The Spirit of Science Science has given us the means of h 5452 30 min
Religious Ritualism Is your religion any good to you if you unde 136/5453) 29 min
The Real Jesus The good news of TWT a strange title 137/5454 29 min
The Good News AGFTGTAWGN of the world tomorrow and 1093/5455 30 min
Is Sex Sin If there is any one universal prob (Damaged@6m) 5456) 29 min
The Resurrection (tv) What has the world today got to do w 5457 (HR1) 29 min
The Resurrection  (tv) What are we. Are we just a soul inside of  5458 30 min
The Resurrection Wouldn't it be weird if a political poster w 5459 30 min
The Resurrection What a world it would be if you (HR2) 30 min
Prayer Every day people pray. They pray in India. They pray in Az 5461 30 min
Emergency In Space AGFATW What are the problems that  1101/5468 30 min
Some Fishy Stories The myriad forms of life found in the sea 5476 30 min
Heaven and the Resurrection Most people have their own personal point o 4965/5531 30 min
Heaven and the Resurrection Its easy to believe 5477/5532  30 min
Heaven and the Resurrection (Inter' HEAVEN IS A PLACE) Confusing isn't it. 5533 30 min
Heaven and the Resurrection Traditional concepts of heaven coming ey 4966 30 min
Heaven and the Resurrection (Int'-Afterlife) Its only logical isnt it, I mean if God  154/4967 30 min
Heaven and the Resurrection What happens every time someone dies in war 155/ 4968/5535 30 min
Heaven and the Resurrection (Where do you) Can you 4969/5536 30 min
Heaven and the Resurrection People in East Berlin 4970/5537 30 min
The Gospel (TWT) What if you could know the future 29 min
Human Nature The problems of this world would be 29 min
Human Vanity The only solution for this worlds ill 30 min
Changing Human Nature (TWT) Until human nature is changed we 30 min
Bible Prophecy - A United States of Europe is coming (muff)  5069? 30 min
The Coming World Government The biggest issue of our d 30 min
Playing God (TWT)  Too many people in the world 30 min
The Modern Romans -Food (Int' Joe, what do you think of m) 29 min
The Modern Romans NY What would you think if someone 30 min
18 Sep The Modern Roman World Give me the hearts - Lenin (muffled)  28 min
20 Sep The Youth Drug Scene (TWT) Never before in history 26 min
22 Sep (Money and) Inflation (tv audio) Money is two things 17 min Video
Is This the End Time-Inflation Who's in charge here  4835 30 min
06 Oct Is This the End Time-Alcohol AGFATW The most popular disease in the world 4836 30 min
Is This the End Time AGFATW Battered by inflation  4837 30 min
End Time Series AGFATW Today humanity needs a world order  4839 29 min
Is This the End Time-Jeremiah AGFATW There's a t 4842 -(FORD) 29 min
The UN AGFATW I suggest a new name for the UN 4861 29 min
Jeremiah and Inflation Well at last (New Series) Oct-Nov-1974 4862 29 min
Jeremiah and the Law Today world statesmen 4863 29 min
12 Nov The Occult 1  -  The Occult 2  -  The Occult 3  29 min
13 Nov Ancient Mythology Man alone of all creatures harbo 5005 28 min
False Beliefs The big news of the world tomorrow is there 1072/5569 29 min
Read the Book No mainstream Christian church accepts t 1074/5575 30 min
Science Surely science can save us from science. Surely scien 1075/5581 30 min
Modern Romans Where are we in the world today, right  1076/5587 29 min
Questions and Answers We get a fair amount of mail about 1077/4960 29 min
The Utopian Dream Once upon a time there were millions o 1078/4994 30 min
The Black Horse Is the era of stable weather completely over 1097  29 min
The Gospel Live We should perhaps draft a letter that we could send to leading 1083 29 min
Is Man Immortal AGFW How long has it been since you went to a funeral or heard 1084 30 min
Xmas Well its Xmas time all over again 1089 29 min
A Super World Government  Unless some kind of super world 1098/4989?  29 min
Heaven on Earth (Last 9 min)  -or the church you attend but 09 min
What Do You Mean Born Again (Last 10 min)  -thats a second, different, seperate 10 min
Kingdom of God on Earth AGF If you could know the future would 1102 (poor) b@6m 30 min
Night Campaign  I don't believe  - late 1974 poor but improves 121 30 min
True Science  We know how to put a man on the moon 128 30 min
What is Your Hope  What is the real hope for world peace 131  29 min
A Loving Invader  In the world tomorrow we will have a 147   30 min
Nations In Prophecy Look at the way the world has cha 4926 30 min
Inflation What is inflation. What causes it 4927 30 min
The Cause Of Crime AGFATW Is crime going to destroy western civilization 4928 30 min
     Dec Schoolbook Smut In a world of shocking sensational mind boggling 4929 30 min
Peace This world wants peace 4930 30 min
14 Dec Portland, Oregon Campaign  52 min  Clip
22 Dec First Annual Awards  (tv) --tradition-(Trumpet)-awards presen (poor) 11 min
What Will 1975 Bring The good news is that no military units  4949 29 min

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