Worldwide Church of God (Continued)

08 Jan The Middle East The chances for peace in 1975 are just about   633 29 min Video
05 Feb Heaven and the Resurrection  Millions of people hope 634/5027/5500 30 min Video
19 Feb Overfed and Undernourished The great American pass-time 637 29 min Video
     Feb Ad' for PT  - Juvenile delinquency, gambling, health issues like smoking  76 sec

Mid East Oil  In every car and tractor your going to find oil 4951

29 min
Mid East Armorments Kissinger shook the world when he said the U 4955 29 min
Mid East Arms Race  Theres got to be some thinking that is beyond that 4956 29 min
The Mother of Harlots Will 1975 be the turning point in all of human history 4957 29 min
The US Arms Trade There is one industry that seems to be completely recession proof 4958 29 min
Mid East Arms The greatest transfer of wealth in all of history has taken place  4959 30 min
Kurt Waldheim Interview (Died 14-June-2007) What a paradox it is that with 4973 29 min
US Arms Deals Well technically we're a world at peace 4984 29 min
Lovers of Money Can you buy friends, I mean can parents buy friends of their children  4986 30 min
Bible Prophecy  AGFATW Have you ever tried to buy friends. The U  4988 30 min
US Arms Agreement Well for the very first time the United States army is going to sell 4992 30 min
Ambassador College There is a cause for every affect 4993 28 min
Age of Foreboding AGFATW How can you talk about todays worl 4997 30 min
Guns vs Butter You can go just about out of your mind trying to decipher 4998 29 min
 12 Mar How to Survive in '75 (tv) Whether you listen to radio or television you hear the 638/5040 28 min Video
      Mar Easter and Passover AGF At this time of the year people begin thinking about Ea 1103/4999 28 min
Why Were You Born AGF Isn't it strange that science and technology echo U 1085/5109 30 min
Modern Romans-Business In the United States of America we live in what is called 1087 29 min
The Four Horsemen Nations don't go to war just because, they go to war for reaso 1092/5116  30 min
US Soviet Relations Well with the joint United States Soviet space adventure a great ge 5119 30 min
 21 Mar San Francisco - Night 1 I was telling people just barely before the Yom Kippur 5086/5506 30 min
 22 Mar San Francisco - Night 2 Well what am I doing here tonight. 5087/5508 30 min
 30 Mar Profile of a Hero  What does it take to be acclaimed 641 29 min Video
 19 Apr Vietnam in Retrospect The long war is over the headlines said. Peace after 12 years 5021 30 min
Has the Pulpit Lost its Power (tv audio) The pulpits of our people 5032 30 min
To Kill a People Stunned Americans may now reflect upon the exhultant headlines 5033 30 min
Guns or Butter Want to stop a war, its simple, just spend money 5034 29 min
     Apr Is This the End Time (In Eugene) As you look at the world as a whole (TWT-First 15m)  15 min
     Apr America Today AGFATW At this time with American prestige being shattered around 5036 29 min
     Apr GTA in Jerusalem AGFATW This is GTA speaking to you from Jerusalem 5058 29 min
     May Gideon Hausner Interview Its time we realized what a tinder box the Middle East 5059 30 min
Is There a Real Hell Here we are living in the Space Age and yet people still believe 5041 27 min
Vietnam No Peace  (TWT series) All the men All the guns All the sacrifice, all in 5042 29 min
11 May Vietnam No Peace No Honor (tv audio) All the men All the guns All the 642 29 min Video
15 Apr America: Grandeur to Disillusionment (tv) Wherever you look around the world 643 29 min Video
The Automobile Glittering like a bejewled fabulous royal crown another beautiful auto 5044 30 min
Best Efforts  Does-sum total of all evangelism, religious tracts, booklets, magazines 5057 27 min
14 May Murder Mania  America is still number one, in murder. We're not number one in 644/5060 29 min Video
Leviticus 26 You live in a changing world, one that is changing so rapidly 5063 30 min
Nuclear Weapons And now more than a hundred nations are struggling with the problem o 5064 30 min
What is Death The very worst possible news we as human beings can ever hear 5065/5582 30 min
What Happens at Death Millions believe science will someday create life in a labor 5066/5583 30 min
After Death The most shocking news you could ever hear 5067/5584 30 min
Heaven and the Resurrection Every day we live if we listen to the news or read a 5068/5585 30 min
The Rise of Europe A united states of Europe is forming. We're going to live on over into 5069 29 min
The Modern Romans Where are we in the world today, right now 5587 29 min
US Nuclear Stockpile The United States has over 30,000 nuclear weapons at home 5070 29 min
The Kingdom of God If you were a king for a day, king of the world that is 5071 29 min
The Coming Kingdom Its really great that millions of Christians are willing to forgive Ch 5072 30 min
God's Coming Government Strange isn't it that world leaders, statesmen, generals, poli 5073 30 min
28 May NATO Summit in Belgium This is GTA speaking to you from Brussels Belgium 5075 (GvH) 30 min
29 May GTA in Brussels This is GTA speaking to you from Brussels the capitol of Europe 5076 29 min
29 May PM Tindermans Interview It was the second day of the NATO summit conference in Br 5084 29 min  clips
30 May GTA at the Paris Air Show AGFATW, this is GTA from Le Bourget airport in Paris 5083 55 sec  clips
01 Jne GTA in Washington This is GTA from Washington DC speaking to you from 5081 29 min
01 Jne GTA in Washington This is GTA from the nations capitol. I'm seated in a beaut  5082 30 min
     Jne GTA in Paris This is GTA with -- As Iv'e said recently, strategists political and military 5083 29 min
 Jne/Jly The Gospel 01 GF What in the world is religious about drought. What is religious and 5088 29 min
The Gospel 02 What has the gospel got to do with this modern age of footprints on the 5089 29 min
The Gospel 03 Isn't it strange that now military and political leaders have to resort to b 5090 29 min
The Gospel 04 AGF What in the world is religious about a drought. What is religious  5091 30 min
The Gospel 05 In todays Space Age, the age of nuclear overkill what in the world good 5092 30 min
The Gospel 06 Predicting the future can be a very dangerous business because today you 5093 30 min
The Gospel 07 How much of what you believe is truth and how much is lie 5094 30 min
The Gospel 08 Get ready to live in a nuclear armed world. Ten, twenty, forty nations 5095 29 min
The Gospel 09 This world spends far more money on the persuit of war than any other 5096 30 min
The Gospel 10 If I told you the United States had the capacity to knock out the Soviet 5099 30 min
The Gospel 11 When all the arguments are over. When everyone finally decided 5100 30 min
The Gospel 12 If I told you one half of all the scientists, the engineers 5101 30 min
The Gospel 13 Who is your authority, that is where do you go to get the truth about 5102/5403 30 min
The Gospel 14 What has the gospel got to do with todays world news 5103 30 min
The Gospel 15 If you said you didn't know who your friend was 5104 30 min
The Gospel 16 What does the word gospel have to do with this present world in which 5105 30 min
The Gospel 17 You know world experts see the exact same thing in the future that the 5106 30 min
The Gospel 18 How many of the following statements do you believe are found in the b 5107 30 min
The Gospel 19 Wouldn't it be strange if someone came to your door and said I've got tre 5108 30 min
The Gospel 20 If you were going to design the perfect city you would have to include no 5111 30 min
The Gospel 21 AGF What would be the greatest battle ever fought. The greatest 5112 30 min
The Gospel 22 AGF What was the greatest battle ever fought Was it WW2 5113 30 min
The Gospel 23 What was the greatest battle ever fought in all the history of the world 5114 30 min
The Gospel 24 If its gore, if its blood and guts then I'm sure you want to hear about it 5115 30 min
The Gospel 25 Well, what use is the bible in the Space Age 5117  30 min
The Gospel 26 The greatest battle that was ever fought was over nineteen hundred years 5118  30 min
The Gospel 27 Wouldn't it frustrate you half to death if someone came up to you and said 5120 30 min
The Gospel 28 What if you were at a party and you saw your pastor of your church present 5121 30 min
     Jly Rapallo Helsinki In the tiny town of Rapallo Hitler achieved a goal that amounted to secre 5123 30 min
   Aug Helsinki Conference  04 min
Human Nature is the Problem AGFATW Everyone knows what the problems 5124/5524 30 min
  Aug Understanding Prophecy  AGFATW If you knew what the prophecies say abo 1091/5110 29 min
The Nature of God Part 1  I believe in lots of things I can't see 5406 30 min
The Nature of God Part 2  I happen to believe this scripture 5407 30 min
The Nature of God Part 3  Your own body is capable of being changed into energy 5408 29 min
The End Times Part 1 You are living in the time of the end. B 5409 30 min
The End Times Part 2 The world in ferment. Nation after 5410 30 min
A Great Prayer AGFATW It seems only a few years ago 5159  30 min
05 Sep Attempt on Ford The national anthem of the United States probably is going to be chang 5160 30 min
     Sep The Best Kept Secret  FOT St Petersburg FL  (AKA: Gods Personal Dealings) 66 min
Remember Lots Wife   AGFATW The news is pretty dependable today (poor) 134 28 min
US Arms in the the Middle East Never before have governments been in such (muffled) 135 29 min
The Sick Man Of Europe Blocking out reality, thats what its called 138 (muffled)  30 min
Impending Nuclear WW3 AGF Your witnessing today the dismantlement of one gov 139 (muff)  30 min
Proof of the Resurrection Ever hear of political pollster  140 (muffled)  30 min
06 Nov NATO Who Needs It? The plane/Why should Americans be interested in Eur 150/645 29 min Video
14 Nov Nuclear Energy, Risk or Renedy (tv) This is the San Onofre nuclear power  646 29 min Video
20 Nov Death of Franco  AGFATW We're living in a turning point in his RAY KOSANKE (muffled) 144 29 min
26 Nov Energy Here Today Gone Tomorrow  Energy makes our world go 'round 151/647 29 min Video
Crime AGF Just because it happens is it news, and if its news should you know about 5183 /5528 30 min
World Government The greatest need for humankind today is world government 5184 29 min
Xmas AGFATW Peace on earth or is it going to be earth in pieces 145 30 min
 10 Dec    American Farmer - Caught in the Middle (Song) You've heard all of the jokes 648 29 min Video
End Time Deception (Live) We're in a kind of a period 152 (very poor) 29 min
Cause of Crime  AGFATW Lock up the White House  (muffled) 153  28 min
The Atomic Club AGFATW The Middle East is now the worlds most 5447  29 min
Overview of 1975 1975 a year that was 157 28 min
GTA on Hee Haw  (With Buck Owens) He worked a great work  02 min   





 01 Jan Alcoholism  Hi, sorry I can't offer you one 650 29 min Video
 04 Jan Showcase of the Deep The endless sea, awesome in power  649  29 min Video
      Jan Ocean Pollution AGFATW Disasters have always been predicted and so of course 146/5539 29 min
 12 Jan Bankruptcy  Every day people receive telephone calls  651 29 min Video
      Jan Britain  -he is an absolute monarch (Last 5 minutes)  05 min
      Jan Events in South Africa  (TWT) AG From no policy at all towards (noisy) 29 min
      Jan The Rhodesian Situation  (TWT) (No intro) - and then came Angola 28 min
US Arms Trade AGFAW Well some of the most sophisticated weapons that the United 5467 30 min
US USSR Arms AGFATW The trappings of a worldwide colonial empire are of course 5471 30 min
US Arms Sales AGF Your hanged if you do and hanged if you don't is the way the United 5472  30 min
 05 Feb America, Where Do We Stand  Does America really still stand for any 652 29 min Video
      Feb Food and Population How will the world feed six billion people 161 (poor) 28 min
      Feb Middle East in Prophecy AGFATW The most important place on the face 162 (poor) 28 min
      Feb Is America Going Mad The United states of America in a time of global crisis 163 (poor) 29 min
 17 Feb Kids in Trouble  (Siren) This program is about kids  653 29 min Video
 18 Feb Juvenile Crime  (Siren) Ever since Cain killed Abel  654 29 min Video
 03 Mar Jehan El Sadat  So the traditional view of the husband  657 29 min Video
 06 Mar President Anwar El Sadat We're visiting with president Anwar 656 29 min Video
 14 Mar What is Truth (In Pasadena) Its been said the most difficult thing 655 29 min Video
 16 Apr Visitors From Space Part 1 (In Kansas City) I  have absolute evidence this 5529 29 min
 16 Apr Visitors From Space Part 2 Why don't most people in religion understand  5530 29 min
 16 Apr GTA in Kansas City  (Edited for tv) I  have absolute evidence 658 29 min Video
 29 Apr A Spiritual War 1  (Kansas) What is really normal about this world in which we live 5469 29 min
 29 Apr A Spiritual War 2 I'm here to tell you I believe with all of my heart that a nuclear 139/5470 30 min
 29 Apr GTA in Kansas City (Edited for tv) What is really normal about this world 659 (Damaged) 29 min Video
 05 May What is Sin (Big Sandy Campus)  Looking over the bi-centenial celebration 660 29 min Video
 11 May Find Truth  (In Dallas) The majority is not always right  661 29 min Video
 23 May What is a Real Christian (Edited sermon) I want you to go wth me on  662 49 min Video
 25 May Is God Trying to Save the World Now (In San Franscisco) God is trying 663 29 min Video
 02 Jne The Real Jesus  (In Pasadena) There are an awful lot of men in this world that call the 664 29 min Video
 05 Jne From the Creation (In Pasadena) Let's think about that God 665 28 min Video
Marriage  Hi this is GTA How long did it take you to decide to marry 5423 45 sec
Modern Dating  Last 3m   - with whom they socialize 03 min
Message for Kissinger AGF And now the United States is talking tough again 45 sec
Religious Understanding AGFATW What is your religion. Is it any good 5380 (G@10m) 21 min
America in Prophecy AGFATW Where will you be about five, seven, ten yea 5384(G@9m) 18 min
The Modern Romans AGFATW What are the chances for the survival of th 5385 (G@11m) 19 min
Jeremiah AGFATW The test of a nation is the growth of a people, spiritually, physicall, 5386 @6 18 min
 28 Jne The Only Solution  AGFATW The greatest need in the world to 5387 (Overspill damage) 30 min
The United States in Prophecy AGFATW If you could read next years headlines 5389 10 min
What is the Kingdom of God How far have we come along mans quest  5404 30 min
Jeremiah AGFATW If you could know the future in advance, tomorrow 5405 30 min
      Jly Jeremiah No matter who is elected as America's 5429 30 min
      Jly Mars  Will they find life on Mars 5430 30 min
      Jly Jeremiah AGFATW The dramatic increase in the sale of modern weapons (very muff) 5431 30 min
 17 Jly Where is Your Security Part 1  I don't know about you 5435 30 min
 17 Jly Where is Your Security Part 2  You know I guess 1070 30 min
 17 Jly Your Stake in the Future (Edited for tv) I don't know about you 666 29 min Video
 02 Aug The Watchmen  (Live) Doing the will of God is 5379 (Gap@12m)   25 min
End Time Events  It doesn't make sense. It isn't right. It shou 5448 28 min
The Knowledge Explosion (tv) Look at all that we know in the world today We 142/5462 29 min
 01 Sep Religion Religion who needs it I mean in the space age with Mars landings and lunar la 667/5465 29 min Video
 02 Sep The Soul You ever think what a paradox it is that in this age of science and technology 668/5466 29 min Video
 06 Sep Is the Soul Immortal   It's easy to believe in a spirit world, millions do  669 29 min Video
 16 Sep To Sleep on a Bomb Pt1  (Pasadena Campus) When I was over off-shore Korea  5483  30 min
 16 Sep To Sleep on a Bomb Pt2   What if someone walked along Park avenue in NY 5484 30 min
 16 Sep To Sleep on a Bomb Pt3  There's a new book out now which very thin 5485 30 min
 16 Sep To Sleep on a Bomb (Edited for tv) When I was over off-shore Korea  671 29 min Video
 23 Sep Coping With Change  (Pasadena Campus) We try desperately to have security  670 29 min Video
Child Rearing 1 The United States of America faces an epidemic of youth crime. You 5098/5473 30 min
Child Rearing 2 Hindsight is 20-20 Its so great to see things in retrospect 5122/5474 30 min
Child Rearing 3 The thrill kill hits the press. 5475 30 min
Russia's New Strategy  For years the United States  has been persuing through 675/5478 30 min Video
US Leadership AGFATW Millions of human beings around the world are boycotting 5479 30 min
 23 Sep The Gospel Explained The fact that Jesus died is not the gospel. The fact that 672/5480 30 min Video
Why Were You Born We live in a fantastically beautiful yet independent world  5481 30 min
Child Rearing 4  Today's murder may be yesterdays temper tantrum. 148/5482 30 min
Child Rearing 5 The next time you go to a restaurant to eat take a look ah, at the families 5486 30 min
Child Rearing 6 A sex revolution among teenages is what it amounts to today 149/4964/5487 29 min
Growing Crime AGF Crime is not a campaign issue in an election year yet it's one of the 5489 29 min

Future Gov Pt1 (Pasadena) They said in San Francisco in 1945 what they were doing 5490 29 min
Future Gov Pt2 The United Nations represented mankinds last hope and if that is true the 5491 29 min
 11 Oct UN An Utter Failure (tv audio) That body failed to condemn 673  29 min Video
 07 Nov The Unseen God (Pasadena Campus) If there had been electricity/We believe in God 674 29 min Video
Prophet of Doom AGF How do you view this confusing world today -gloomy 1104/5009/5494 30 min
Mid East Arms Race Out of Control AGF Is the United Nations on its last legs 5507 30 min
Money and the Economy AGF Go now and pay later that's what they say whether you 5513 30 min
The White Horse  AGFATW What religion are you? (Don't believe everything) 5514 29 min
The Modern Romans AGFATW News you hear of this world today is not usually very 5515 30 min
What is Human Nature - Part 1 (In Pasadena) Hello, how are you. My name is M  5519 30 min
What is Human Nature - Part 2 Now there is a struggle that is going on-  5520 30 min
Read the Book AGFATW Millions of professing Christians are really big hearted 5525 30 min
In the Wake of the Elections Its a crazy time. It really is. Alarm and apathy just sh 5526 29 min
     Nov South Africa AGFW What do we really want out of South Africa. Do we want to get it to 5527 30 min
Election '76 Grinding Away Pt 1 How many times have you ever been given a traff 5543 28 min
Election '76 Grinding Away Pt 2 How in the world can you be a member of your o 5544  29 min
Misplaced Blame 1  (In Pasadena) When I was living in Temple City  29 min
Misplaced Blame 2  There are people who get really buggy 5547 29 min
Misplaced Blame 3  When you tell people, this is not Gods world 30 min
Modern Romanlike Society AGFATW what's happening to the family in the Unite 5549 29 min
Has God Changed AGFATW Has God changed? Has his mo 5550 30 min
Being Born Again (TWT) AGF Many people say one of the main things that helped Jim 5552 29 min
Thanksgiving  Fall harvest festivals are a part  1086/5553 30 min
The Plain Truth About Xmas AGFATW Tis the season to be jolly  5553 30 min
The Black Horse AGFATW What is religious about a drought. I know the bible talks 5554 30 min
The Red Horse AGFATW You remember exactly what you were doing on December 7  5555 29 min
 06 Dec Which Church Did Christ Build You ever notice the tremendous similarity 679/5556 29 min Video
Famine AG Do you know that another war in the Mid 5558  29 min
Awake Alert and Aware 1 How many hours would you say it takes to make a savage 5559 29 min
Awake Alert and Aware 2  I'm here to tell you that the tiniest little country in Lil 5560 29 min
Awake Alert and Aware 3 The United States of America doesn't seem to realize that 5561 29 min
 17 Nov Awake, Alert, Aware  Now paradoxically, let me tell you a real paradox 676  29 min Video
The Occult AGFATW You know almost every major movie company has 5 or 6 devil m 5562 29 min

Crime Can Be Stopped AGFATW Crime is not an impersonal monster 5524/5564 30 min
Crime Crisis  AGFATW Almost everywhere you go people complain, criminals arrested  5565 30 min
The Family Challenge Pt1  People in general, whether they listen to the program 5566 29 min
The Family Challenge Pt2  Years and years ago we began in a sense, a campaign 5567 29 min
The Family Challenge Pt3  I don't know whether its largely entertainment but its cert 5568 30 min
 28 Nov The Family Challenge (Texas Campus) (tv edit)  Now you were a little baby once 677 29 min Video
 02 Dec Has He Really Been Born Again (tv) They say that one of the things that 678 29 min Video
The Black Horse Are the days of cornucopia America coming to an end 5570 (Climate Change) 30 min
Crime and Punishment Don't you get sick of hearing some of these tragic assults on the 5571 30 min
Violent Entertainment Well the last time I made a program I said the chances of really  5573 30 min
Summary of 1976 Happy new year they say year after tiresome year  5574 30 min





 09 Jan When Criminals Go Free  Did you hear about the elderly couple  680 (Damaged) 29 min Video
The Black Horse Is the era of stable weather completely over 1097  29 min
 13 Feb Drought in Prophecy  Climatologists warn that we may be 681 29 min Video
 09 Mar Welcome to Ambassador (tv audio) Hi and welcome to the beautiful grounds  682 29 min Video
      Apr GTA in Seattle on the Family Unit  I would like to address not only the Seattle 84 min
 13 Aug Ambassador Auditorium PM I know all of you have been to a book store (G@46m) 78 min
 24 Aug Is Man Alone  For thousands of years/Anytime your fortunate  683 29 min Video
 30 Aug New Soviet Threat  Not since Nazi Germany/The first place where Soviet 684  (Damaged) 29 min Video
 02 Sep The White Horse   An unknown mysterious biblical 685 29 min Video
 15 Sep The Red Horse  An unknown terrifying spectre  686 29 min Video
 21 Sep The Black Horse  Eating, we all enjoy it  687  28 min Video
 18 Aug The Pale Horse  We've been doing a series of programs about some mysterious 688 29 min Video
 17 Sep The Times of the Gentiles  I was asking the people in San Diego because that was 79 min
 02 Oct The Feast of Tabernacles  Mt Pocano PA (noisy) 05 min
 21 Oct The Love Bugs  Would you believe that Catherine the Great of Russia actually  689 29 min Video
 29 Oct Our Lonely Society   Each year millions of Americans pull up stakes  690 29 min Video
 01 Nov Bible Misconceptions  Hi this is GTA. You know a lot of people think I'm 691 29 min Video
 10 Nov The Real Jesus  The idea as to who is Jesus  692 29 min Video
 14 Nov Egypt Under Sadat  After four wars and countless skirmishes 693  29 min Video
 26 Nov GTA in Australia (Sydney Showground) Greetings everyone, first time in 16 years  (poor) 90 min
 27 Nov What is a True Christian (music) There probably a billion people today 695 (B@13m) 29 min Video
 28 Nov Marvels of Creation (tv audio) (Music) Our earth is literally teeming with countless 694 28 min Video
 05 Dec Reign of Terror  They hijack planes and trains 696  29 min Video
 21 Dec Laetrile, Cancer Cure or Quackery  Laetrile, is it a fraud and a hoax 697 29 min Video
 28 Dec Laetrile, Cancer Cure or Quackery  A recemt poll showed that Americans 698 29 min Video
Five Minute Capsules (radio programs)
Alcohol They say that drugs were the 60's thing  04 min Video
Evolution  EV1  EV2  04 min
The Modern Romans MR1  MR2  MR3  04 min
Is This the End-Time  ET1  ET2  ET3  ET4 04 min
Come Help Humanity  CHH1  CHH2  CHH3  04 min
The Ten Commandments  TC1  TC2  TC3  TC4  04 min
The Principals of Health  PH1  PH2  PH3  PH4  PH5  04 min
  A.C. Bible Study Course At an alleged meeting of journalists  04 min
03 Jan Asia, US in Retreat  (music) As you look at Asia there are a couple of 699  29 min Video
16 Jan Germany Looking Right  Hitler according to a 700  29 min Video
26 Jan The Panama Canal  The Panama Canal one of the greatest engineering 701 29min Video
29 Jan How Jesus Acted  (tv audio) I've met all kinds of interesting people (poor) 30 min
09 Feb The Gas Finders These men called "rough necks"  703 29 min Video
13 Feb Trade Wars  The lifes blood of the world economy is trade 702 29 min Video
19 Feb The Resurrection  (tv audio) (No intro) -is first, then we which are alive and 26 min
07 Apr Separation of Ambassador College and WCG --for later replay in Australia, Sou 96 min
09 Apr Kids in Trouble (Siren) This program is about kids in trouble 704 29 min Video
Australian Animals  (poor tv audio) (MUSIC) -may not have ants in the pouch but he 29 min
Jesus and the Law  (no intro/outro) -plague the world by more than 13 min
Time Chance and Circumstance  (Night Campaign) - If you can understand that the 30 min
03 Jne GTA in Milwaukee, Wisconsin  (Applause) Hi, good afternoon, I think maybe I shou 85 min
GTA The Country I Love 04 min   

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