Catalogue of WCG TV programs 1986-1992

Worldwide Church of God





Hiroshima DH   (A/B)
The Ten Commandments RA
Authority of the Bible DH
The Book of Revelation Unveiled DH   (Clip)
US and Britain in Prophecy DH
Why Were You Born - Part 2 DA
Middle East in Prophecy DH
Human Mind and Animal Brain DH
Four Horsemen DH
To Hell and Back RA
Mystery of the Ages RA
State of the World DH
Superpower Confrontation DH
The Plain Truth About Child Rearing DA
Blueprint For Parenting  DA
The Shattered Family DH
Key To  Prophecy DH   (Clip)
Why Suffering RA
The 21st Century (Version 1) RA
Understanding Prophecy DA
Your Awsome Future DA
Road Map of Prophecy DH
Behind the Headlines DH
The Bible Today DH
Truth or Tradition (Sabbath) DH
How to Manage Stress DH
The Plain Truth About Xmas RA   (Clip)
America at the Crossroads RA
Do We Need the Bible Today DH
Life After Death DA
World Held Captive DH
Mystery of the Ages DH
The Plain Truth About the Devil DH
God in the 20th Century (Version 1) RA  
Love Marriage and Sex DA
Keys to Prophecy DA
What Next for Europe Part 1 DH
What Next for Europe Part 2 DH
The Plain Truth About Easter DA
The Resurrection Was Not on Sunday DA
Why Crime RA
Unlocking the Book of Revelation DA

Positive Parenting



Mothers Day



Farming for the Future DH


Lest We Forget



Drugs - Why Say No



Mystery of the Ages DA


What Next For Europe DA



Coping With Stress



Keys to Prophecy - Part 1 DA


Keys to Prophecy - Part 2 DA
Looking into the Future


Prophets Voices Through Time DA


Morality - Who Should Teach DA


Do You Need Salvation RA
The Ultimate Barrier RA   (Clip)
Russia and Prophecy DH


Dance With the Devil DH
Alcohol - Who's in Control DA


Thinking Right DA



What is a Real Christian



What Xmas Doesn't Tell You



Destined to Greatness RA


Europe in Prophecy DH


Mystery of Life DH


The 21st Century (Version 2)



World Economy - Whats Ahead DA


What Next for 1988



When a Loved One Dies (Version 1) DA
Is Armageddon Coming RA
Will Civilization Survive DH


AIDS - Modern Plague DH


When a Loved One Dies (Version 2) DA


Improve Your Marriage RA


Positive Parenting DH


Ideas That Changed the World DH


The Plain Truth About Easter DH


What Easter Doesn't Tell You DH


The War Game DH


What Next For Australia DA   (Clip)
Why We Need the Sabbath DA
The Four Horsemen RA
Is There a Real Hell Fire (Version 1) RA
Is There a Real Hell Fire (Version 2) RA
The Vanishing Family DA
Best Seller DH
Middle East in Perspective RA   (Clip)
Middle East in Prophecy RA
Talking With Your Teens DA
The Quiet Crisis DA
Beyond the Stars RA
Jerusalem - City of Conflict RA   (Bits)
Inside the New  Europe DH
Moscow Looks West DH
A Time For Success DA
Beating Stress DA
Inside the Spirit World RA
AIDS - Update For the 90's DH
The Four Horsemen DH
Xmas the Untold Story DH
The Adultery Syndrome DA
Peace in Our Time DA
(Where is) God in the 20th Century (Version 2) RA
The Sabbath Controversy RA
Reincarnation Fact or Fiction DA
Blueprint For Living DA
Is Time Running Out (Mid-East) DH
Keeping Love Alive DH
The Plain Truth About Easter RA
Easter - There's More to the Story RA
The Red Horseman DA
Preparing the Next Generation RK   (Clip)
Where Are We Now in Prophecy RK
The Drug Dilemma DH
What Price Progress DH
Unlocking the Mystery of Marriage RK
Earthquakes The Big One RK   (Clip)
(What and) Why the Church DA
Prophecy For Today RA
Right Wrong - Who Decides DH
The Next Giant Leap RA
What's Ahead for the 90's DA
Babylon in History and Prophecy RK
Children of Divorce DH
The German Question RK
Kids on the Run DH
When a Loved One Dies (Version 3) DA
Who Needs the Bible DH
Fight For the Family DA
Armageddon RA   (Clip)
The Devil is Back DH
The Lost Empire (of Assyria) RA
Who Was Jesus RA
War or Peace RA
From Here To Eternity RA
Dealing With Guilt DA
Young at Heart RK   (Clip)
Healing Our Broken Planet DH
The Bible Historical Fact DA   (Clip)
Prayer - Is God Listening RK   (Clip)
Children of Addiction DH
Generation at Risk DA
A World of Violence RK
Unlocking (the Book of) Revelation RA
Conquering Depression DA
The Unknown God RK
Adultery the Deadly Game DH
The Mind of a Child RK

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